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Since you do not want isolation, why go for iems? Why not get some headphones, which will give you what you want easier?
Congratulations to both winners for their creativeness and ideas. Now we all wait for the release date.
MizMoxie would it be possible to have more than one winner, seeing as there are many good entries out there, but with scale in prize. What I mean is, winner takes a free ZO V2, first runner up a 25% off coupon and second runner up a 10% off coupon. Or something like that?
Here's my go, inspired by a popular video console reference.Your second one made me think of yoda from star wars saying: If better bass you seek, the ZO use you must.
  From what I remember, MP4nation has ONLY the black version of the PL-30, regardless of pictures. The black version is the only rubberized one as well.   Focalprice has all three versions: Black Grey/Gunmetal White
Yes, I do still own the CX300 but haven't use them since I got the RE0. IMO there is no comparison. Unbelievable amounts of bloated bass, smallish soundstage, very tame treble with no spark, bad clarity and average/slow speed. I highly recommend getting the PL-30 over the cx300. However, if you do, bear in mind that a process of mental burn in is in order. It got me one full week to get used to the sound of the RE0, after the cx300. At first I was all, WHOA THERE THAT'S...
Got them today for the same reason, backups to my RE0 and I was quite impressed that they were able to keep up with RE0 in terms of clarity.
RE0, MC5 and HJE900 are your best bet imo. HJE have the added benefit of indestructible housing and removable cables. RE0, from what people say, are prone to problems (connector breakage usually).
    From the review I can tell that the person writing it is either a troll or stupid. Nobody legitimate (because face it or not, not all members are equal) has ever compared RE1 to any of the aforemetioned IEMs. Also the list of Head-Fi sponsors is in the first page of Trying to find excuses to hate on a product and writing reviews on selling sites is quite a common practice it seems. I wonder if the poster of the review realizes that more than 80% of every...
M-Audio Studiophile Q40   from joker's review:   The most striking aspect of the Q40s’ sound is the bass - specifically the depth, power, and texture of the low end, which are all superb. The Q40s can really go deep when the track calls for it and the sub-bass is felt as much as it is heard. For my tastes the boosted mid- and upper bass on the Q40s is excessive but the rest of the sound signature is rather neutral and monitor-like. They remind me of a far more...
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