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Surprised at all the Grados mentioned in here, besides the clamping on my ears that's the only thing that really bothers me about my SR80s.   Audio Technica phones tend make me drool a bit looks wise, but i'm a big fan of the minimal "apple" look. 
Right now I'm looking at either buying the AKG K 701/7022 or a pair of HD 650/600 for my home listening. Got my eye on some of the Audio Technica phones for portable use, thinking about the ATH ES55 to replace my Sennheiser PX200s.   Then I've got my eye on some Beyers.. but one step at a time.
Nothing particularly special, I've got an iBasso D2+ Boa and an iPod Classic 160GB connected to either a pair of Grado SR80s or a pair of Sennheiser PX200s, I'm actually looking to upgrade both of those phones though in the near future.    I need to upgrade a couple cables too :P       Apologies for the picture quality, had to shoot those on my first gen iPhone because my Camera battery died and I left the charger at my parents house. 
New Posts  All Forums: