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Customs look sexy and you can get em for $90 at Kozee.  
Found this on    
Are there any good ones out there other than the u-dac2?  There has to be alternatives to the u-dac2 around $100.  I want to do some research first for some budget dac/amps, but I can't seem to find much in this forum.  I'm mainly looking for something leaning towards neutral.  Doesn't exactly have to be neutral, but not too colored.  I'll mainly be using it with a KC3, which has a good amount of bass for me.  I've read up on the audinst hud-mx1, but it's price is a...
A nice way to get into head-fi!  Hope you like them!
Probably one of the best april fool's day I have ever seen.
I hope the budget DAC is less than $150?
Yea, the monster turbines are pretty good, but the beats aren't...Funny how they come from the same company.  One is just mainstream and popular, and the other for us audiophiles.  It's like a well-kept secret.
Are you a packers fan?
Just reshell the 4.
^If you scroll down to the bottom where there is a chart of all the IEMs, it tells you which earphones come with a mic option.
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