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You have a point, but I still have my doubts.  Many companies use double BA at this price point for good reason, but Etymotic showed that one BA can be enough.  To me, it'll be interesting if that single BA still retains that earsonics house sound.
Just curious, how much is the discount?
$270 for a single driver BA?    No thanks.  Unless its pretty damn good, but I have my doubts.  
As always, thanks joker for your advice!   That seems to be about it as far as questions go :P
Thanks joker! EDIT: One last thing joker.  Do you think it would be better to EQ up the bass on the e-q5 or get the SM2?  I'm looking to upgrade my KC3, and I feel that the bass is just a tad too light, but my main beef is that its too thick and has not enough sparkle.  This makes me feel that the e-q5 would be a good fit.  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated as always.
Joker, could you compare the bass of the Sm2, Custom 3, and the eq-5?  I'm specifically looking at the quantity (they all already have good quality, right?)  
Eh...They're really expensive...Like REALLY expensive.   Coloring service is about $250.  They even sell a chrome version of the beats studio for $1000.  LOL.   The only legit headphone from that link to Colorware is the Pioneer HDJ-2000, which goes for $250 for the coloring service, $550 for a brand new headphone with the coloring.
Noticed it too (woot is my homepage).  Bought a pair for my parents.
Amazon has the a151 for $49.99
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