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Just curious, how much is the discount?
$270 for a single driver BA?    No thanks.  Unless its pretty damn good, but I have my doubts.  
As always, thanks joker for your advice!   That seems to be about it as far as questions go :P
Thanks joker! EDIT: One last thing joker.  Do you think it would be better to EQ up the bass on the e-q5 or get the SM2?  I'm looking to upgrade my KC3, and I feel that the bass is just a tad too light, but my main beef is that its too thick and has not enough sparkle.  This makes me feel that the e-q5 would be a good fit.  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated as always.
Joker, could you compare the bass of the Sm2, Custom 3, and the eq-5?  I'm specifically looking at the quantity (they all already have good quality, right?)  
Eh...They're really expensive...Like REALLY expensive.   Coloring service is about $250.  They even sell a chrome version of the beats studio for $1000.  LOL.   The only legit headphone from that link to Colorware is the Pioneer HDJ-2000, which goes for $250 for the coloring service, $550 for a brand new headphone with the coloring.
Noticed it too (woot is my homepage).  Bought a pair for my parents.
Amazon has the a151 for $49.99
Places like Kozee and 1964 ears do them cheap, but Im not sure if you can get impressions?
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