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I listened to the aviators at best buy.  They're comfy, but I still felt that they are somewhat veiled and not clear.  My MX 580's sounded clearer and they are only $20 earbuds.  It was kind of noisy with all these kids talking about the beats next to me so take it with a grain of salt.  Still, the aviators are much better than the other skullcandy products.
Lol probably not going to jump on them.  I live in the US, not the UK.   A lot of good products out recently, my head is spinning from deciding which one I should jump on.  The hd-25 are still a strong contender.
I assume you have the Vsonic GR07?  I'd love to see some comparisons!
Yes it does seem to be the SP version, which from what I know only has a single headband.  That means the pic is wrong.  Thanks for pointing that out scottiebabie.  Is the dual headband better?    I might as well jump on the adidas versions that are on amazon for $200.   $130 for hd25-1 II   One customer review mentioned that the product that ships only has a single strap.  Should I go for it?
Sennheiser IE8 no doubt.
I used the search function for you!   See: MEElectronics A151 and CC51.  I have never heard the UM3X but I can only infer which ones have similar sound sigs.
Maybe it's because I go to a rather wealthy high school, but skullcandy just isn't my style.  Its fitted with all these skulls, I feel like its meant for punksters and skateboarders.   Please, I have some class.
  He probably already has one
You have a point, but I still have my doubts.  Many companies use double BA at this price point for good reason, but Etymotic showed that one BA can be enough.  To me, it'll be interesting if that single BA still retains that earsonics house sound.
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