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Funny, I actually like the dual-flanges.  The large ones actually fit me (unlike any of hte klipsch tips).  Then again, I have big ear canals.
I tried the Klipsch Custom one and I found its bass to be too overblown. However, the Sennheiser HD201's have a very good reputation here.  They are durable and sound good.  A review can be found in the link posted by Angelopsaro.  The DT1350 are also supposed to compete with the 201's, but I have read very little about them.  They are, however, from a reputable company around here.
Just got my atrio X mobile.  First impressions: the bass is so addicting.  I may never go back to more analytical signatures...Maybe that will change after I stop listening to club songs lol.  As for the mic, I'm kind of confused.  It's placed a little higher where the y-splitter would be, and it acts as the y-splitter.  Haven't used it yet, but to the burn-in machine they go!
  Yes I know that, but I remember back when this review compilation first came out, and it has been fun to see that standards rise.  I remember back when the ck-10 and dba-02 were both 10s in the SQ on the list, and now they have been reduced to a 9.2/9.3.  It just makes me wonder how far IEMs (and headphones in general) can just keep going.
It was interesting to see just about every SQ score go down lol.   Cheers.
Got the black mobile one (the one with the mic).  I can post how well the mic works, but their are many reviews on the sound (the old v1 atrio m5).   I kinda regret buying them cause I want the new atrio's lol.  Oh well.
Yes, same drivers
Thanks, got one.  Could not resist.  I am just drooling to get back to bass-monsters.
I have to disagree.  It looks to me like the thicker part is the memory cable.  If you keep on looking, you'll see the cable thins out after the black part, and that to me looks pretty thin.
I think thats normal price.  I'm pretty sure altec's always make an absurdly high MSRP and then have a much lower street price. Merriam-Webster: very high definition: a radio frequency between ultrahigh frequency and high frequency. »
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