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Yeah I've heard the aviators aren't bad, but I still wouldnt shell out $150 for one.   With 40% off though, they could be a good deal.   40% off Skullcandy stuff.  I would maybe grab an aviator, but yeah...its skullcandy.
FS bi flanges fit me perfectly.  They are possibly the best fitting tips I have used compared to the shure olives, and sony hybrids.  However, my ear canals are weird :P
Use the MG7 for a week, then go back to the nuforce.  Then you should appreciate the MG7
You should try looking around for reviews.  I remember reading reviews on both the UE-4, 1964-Q, and many other entry level customs.
I'm not sure if anyone has experience with reshell's that add a driver.
  Well if  you read it, then you should know that they dont have impactful bass.  Joker states many times that sound signatures and preferences vary, so what joker likes may not be your cup of tea.  If you want hard hitting bass, try for some atrio X's.  They are the atrio m5 in joker's thread, and they are selling for $50 at  They, however, may not have the clarity youre looking for, but as for the bass, it definately has it.
Ummmm i thought etymotic and head-direct were bass-light...   Try and read |joker|'s 186 IEM review thread.  That should help you a lot.
I actually screamed when I saw those prices and realized that the deal was dead...
I will start off by saying I have VERY large ears, and would like to see how these small babies fit into someone with dumbo ears like me.  Right now, I'm using the largest dual-flange in my atrio X, and I can tell you that I could probably go a tiny bit bigger, as I occasionally break a seal on my left ear when I try to insert them.  I've tried the Klipsch ear gels and they were ALL too small.  I can use the medium size shure olives and sony hybrids for deep fit earphones...
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