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Val, please take as much time as you want.  I'll definitely be buying this product.  If I happen to miss out on the pre-production models, I'll still be happy with a stock m-100.   Thank you.
I know its kind of an old thread, but I just plucked my GR06 out of the dryer.  They still work.
Page 4, i asked and jude replied with the differences.
Watched that video in the link.   Would you really believe the people they sampled?  They look like they don't know jack about headphones in general.
I thought it was very nice to see Mitch take in feedback and improve upon his product.   Great review, and one more custom for me to consider in the future.
  Thank you jude, was not expecting a reply this fast!
Nice & clear.  Thank you!   The m-80 makes me curious about the LP2, if they made any sonic changes.
Just curious, on the website, I saw the V-80s.  Is there a difference between the V-80s and the M-80s?
I got the ahd-1001 which are basically the same as the CAL! and they are not portable at all.  Does not fold and has very little isolation (if any).  They are also somewhat big, definitely more circumaural than supra aural
Have not heard them but I remember a while back jude had some positive impressions.
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