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Seeing that you'll be carrying your phones around with you, have you considered IEMs?  I like IEMs more for portability.  Could never bring myself to lug around a nice pair headphones.  Still, here's a good comparison of multiple portable headphones:   PS: IEMs are In Ear Monitors, basically earphones.
@joker   Thanks for the input.  I guess i'll be getting sony hybrids as soon as i get a chance.
From what I have read, Custom 3 have good sound, just really really bad cables and microphonics.   It would help to research on head-fi first.  There are many good threads up and about.   Here is one you should take a look at:
Just curious @joker and anyone else who owns a metrofi 220.   I find that the silicon tips fall of way too easily.  In fact I even lost a pair at the gym.  To remedy that, I use comply t-400 foam tips.  I have read that complys take out some sparkle.  I do feel that my the sound sig is a little too warm and I am thinking that the cause is the foam tips.  Do you have any recommendations for me, other than upgrading to a new pair of phones?  For a little more info on...
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