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Yeah I also just read it in hard copy.  I guess it could be pretty cool for games and movies, but music?  Meh.
I see, thanks ClieOS for clearing it up!
Arent these dynamic?  Did you try burning them in?
If you're going to perform on stage with them, I would advise you get customs, as they have superior isolation vs universal.
I'm pretty shure's are not known for their good bass on their lower models.   But like the other guy said, if you want bass, go with either Sennheiser or Denon.  They know how to make bass.
Does Value include factors other than sound?
Better than Ezra - "Closer" from the album "Closer"
No face palm can describe what I am experiencing right now.
Thanks ClieOS!   I have just found my replacement for my current earphones when they break.  Better start saving for those DBA-02s now.
I actually dont tell my friends that I am an amateur audiophile.  Only one knows and he understands it.  However, he does not know about my Denon AH-D1001S.  He only knows my metrofi 220s which were $60 (MSRP: $80).  He thought those were too expensive, but he understands.
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