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These are not the pro versions
Damn, you beat me to it :P.   There arent any head-fi reviews as far as I know, but cnet has one:
Lol i saw it a while ago, and thought about posting it here on head-fi.  I thought being the audiophiles head-fi users were, i wouldnt need to post it.   A nice video, anyways.  It was very interesting for me.
Denon AHD1001.  A bit bass heavy for me.  But just a bit.  Still use em today.
Would love to meet another head-fier by pure coincidence
Even if you get mugged, they wouldn't be able to wear your customs and chances are, they wouldn't know what to do with your gear.   Shafted.
You should also look at maximo im-590.
Some kids in my school driving BMWs with nice stereos think its cool to roll around wearing their ibuds.   lol.
Hmm maybe you can try Nuforce ne-6?  Those are cheap and have gotten good reviews.  You can get ne-7m if you need a mic.
@OP I understand how you come from a BOSE family and how their ads have come to you, but just stop mentioning BOSE.   As for my reccomendations to the OP: Denon headphones (any), Sennheiser HD-25-II, Phiaton MS400, Custom IEM These all have glowing positive reviews for them.
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