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I have very large ears (remember that cartoon dumbo?  I got that sometimes as a kid).  While I would love to see separate earpads for people with larger ears, I just don't see it happening.  I'm not sure its profitable because of the lack of a consumer base (come on now, out of 100 people, who would need larger earpads?)
I figured if DJs have been using the M-100's, the isolation should be pretty decent.
My favorite scheme is the Black + Gold and I'd definitely be interested in wooden plates.
No, you did clearly favor your own needs.  I can remember way back when you just wouldn't stop posting about white + teal, when you told others to stop repeating posts.  Like when you simply replied "Stop" in big bold letters, how can people not get an arrogant sense from you?  And please, I hope you feel better, but what did you hope to achieve by posting that you are sick?  To defer the responsibility and immaturity?   In my opinion, everyone just needs to take a break...
That doesn't mean you have to advertise for Ety.   On topic: What a shame, I've heard many good things about livewires.
That's Paris DJing for ya.
Like I said, for one thing, Val has said very little other than that he is delaying the release to further fine-tune his product.  To expect a release, of even PPUs, at the original release date is being very optimistic.  Very rarely do you see things go ahead of schedule, and releasing PPU's at the original launch date would be ahead of schedule considering he said there were delays.      I think you've made you're point plenty of times already.  If Val wants to put up...
For those who bought the AKG K422:   They are essentially the same headphones.
  I think that would be optimistic to say the least.  
Has Val said how to get a pre-production model?
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