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Panasonic RP HJE900   Cubic Zirconium Replacable Cables Good Sound Rave reviews   Its about $130 USD in USA.
Lol I win!  I posted 1 minute earlier than you :P   EDIT: Someone else beat us to it at midnight lol
At sellout.woot!   Reviews (Multi IEM Shootouts):   Got one for myself!
A little late, but Dell also has samsung p3 for $99.99.  Its 8GB, a touch screen mp3 player with FLAC support.  No wi-fi :( but still, at its price range, it doesnt compete with the ipod touch, but the nano.    Link:   MRSP is $150.  Amazon (US) has it for $125.   And it is silver.  Which looks way better than black IMO.   EDIT: ABI...
If you want bass get the metrofi
Meh, I guess i'll try out my brothers SR-60 when he comes back for july 4th.
Yeah, so I know that this thread is really, REALLY old, and I do not exactly have a full-size can, but my ears heat up when I use my Denon AH-D1001K.  I can wear it for about an hour at most and then i just cant stand it.  Is there a fix, or rather, are there any headphones that do NOT heat up the ears (circumaural, open vs closed, etc.)?   If not, I will just go straight to IEMs.
You can go on earphone solutions, put in a promo code (I think its "GRAD") that drops the Audeo PFE from $140 to just under $120.  Its a 15% off promo code.  Dont know how long the code will last though.
@iponderous   If you look closely, one is more shoddily made.  The wood, in particular isnt smooth at all and the plastic nozzle doesnt really seem to be attached as well.
I saw the deal before school, and I checked DURING school and it was already sold out.   Shucks.   Was really planning on getting one.
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