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I would also like to add JH5 wasn't intended to be sold at $400.  I think Jerry was gonna sell them at around $500 or $600 (I forgot, but it was definately more than $400) but then UE released their UE4 at $400.  I've heard this from head-fiers in the past, but I cant give a specific link on it.  So the thing is, with the JH5, you could possibly get more than what you pay for.   Also, on UE4's, they seem to me to be the...meh...You have better customer service at JH...
I was being serious when I said livewires were good.  You should at least consider them.   If you go towards the end, he compares them to other customs including the ue4.
Livewires are also good.  And very cheap too.
Lol joker.  I thought something like the RE0 would be violet.  I chose the HA FXC80 because you mentioned strong and full bass so I thought it would be somewhere in between.  Oh well, we'll see what its like going from Metrofi220 and Denon ahd1001 (CAL!) to these sparkly phones.
TY joker, just got the JVC ha-fxc80.  Decided to get those because they have the bass, but also the strong treble.  I've always had phones with strong bass but less clarity so I want to see what its like to turn into a treblehead (maybe).
You might want to consider the TF10, although they are not very durable
If you could, you should try the Audeo PFE for $140 or Fischer Audio DBA-02 for $160
this is a massive lol
Holy ****   These are dirt cheap.   But im poor T_T
MTP Copper is pretty high-end and expensive. UE TripleFi10 has recessed mids. I would say Radius and DBA-02
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