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x2 very anlytical and stylish
Ended up not getting the FXC80 because the shipper had availability issues.  Luckily, I got them canceled.   Ordered the Klipsch C3's instead.  Thanks for this compilation.
Anything is usually better.  You might want to check this thread out:
Any impressions?  There isnt a whole lot of reviews of these earphones.
I think scl4's are like the 310's?  Interested in their value at $99 as well.
Interesting.  I like the style of the a-jays better than the t-jays. Is it safe to follow Jays' own descriptions of their new earphones?  Like if it says balanced, will it really be balanced?
Any chance of a review of a-jays vs t-jays  coming up?  These budget earphones have me interested, especially the three's (the case is also really nice).  I'm in the position to upgrade and im willing to wait for these reviews.   Cnet has a-jays three review up but I tend to read theirs with a grain of salt.
I really hope this will go on tomorrow.  I canceled my JVC HA FXC80 cause they have not shipped after almost 3 weeks.
And the RP-HJE900 get overlooked again...
Glad we could help, I have a feeling its the JH5 though.  But remember, more drivers does not mean better sound.  They're all good choices.  BTW, I hope the fit is good :P  
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