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The noise is called microphonics.  And yes, some IEM's use better materials and have better build quality.  These IEMs should have little microphonics, especially the CK100.  Wearing the IEMs over the ear helps too.   And I must admit, it seems like everyone wants the ck100.
I own the D1001's.   1.   BQ is nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either.  They are built well from the materials they are made from.   2.  SQ is pretty good.  It is low end heavy and lacks sparkle.  I prefer something more neutral, but its a fun headphone.  I still like it.   3.  Very easy to drive though a little juice will help a little bit.   4.  They go around your ears.  They just fit around my ears and I have dumbo size ears   5.  They are comfy till your ears...
Sorry for the kind of miniscule post i had before, it was late and i just got back from vacation (thanks for the 2 week timing).   I am interested in the CK-100 too (what a surprise).  It's build quality and sound signature is appealing to me.  I've lately been moving from bass-heavy sound to a more mid-centric sound and I've been enjoying it.  I know the mids of the ck-100 are colored, but its also supposed to have the really great highs.   My other interest is...
I am in for one.   Thanks for those reviews too, I've enjoyed reading those.
Thanks so much joker   EDIT:  I noticed that you wrote the preffered tips on the C1&2 are the sony hybrids and i think the pics of the C3 have sony hybrids.  Could they work on the C3?  My bestbuy doesnt carry shure olives but they do carry sony hybrids.
I'm pretty sure these are shure olives?   lol why are they called olives anyways?
What luck i just found a really good seal with my left ear.  Still, anything on those olives?  or any other tips that work well?
I got my C3's today joker.  Oddly, the ear pieces are not big enough for my left ear.  I've always known my left ear canal was bigger, but I could always use the same size tips on both sides.  I found that UE large and med single flange works best.  The C3 stock largest single flange is too small for my left ear (but it can make a good, not perfect, seal with my right ear) so which size shure olive do you think i should get?  Large?  I've had good experiences with comply...
They're all good headphones.  PS320 looks better IMO.
C3 are coming today!  Wont get them till 5:00ET ish though because im at work, but the UPS man will leave it at my front door.  Will post my thanks & mini impressions when i get them!
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