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Its tough, not many have the money to buy so many customs.  However, I did a little digging on some old threads that I remembered reading:   They are REALLY long.   Have fun reading them.
You've given me something interesting to look for, other than fake accessories, whenever my parents take me back to China.
This nice guy has a list of 100 IEMs he has reviewed from different price ranges.   That link goes to the part with IEMs from $30-$60.
Isnt the 600 supposed to be similar to the PFE?
No one considered SM3?
Kudos to UE.  The 600 is a rebranded superfi5, but the rest are all new.  It seems they have improved the durability on the newer models, though SQ remains unknown.  I am excited.
A good link:
I just use sony hybrids.   And my thoughts agree with you.   I have been converted to a mid-head.  I love that oh so sweet mid.
Awesome.  Gonna post further impressions of the 828 when they burn in more?
I just realized that 2 weeks after your first post is my birthday. August 21 no joke.   Not that it would affect my near zero chance of winning an IEM, but it's still pretty cool lol.
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