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Yeah I know it says it does, but from the picture dissecting the SA7, they didn't label any bass-tuning port.   BTW, do you think the SA6R will replace the SA6?  If so I hope prices drop so I can grab one :D
I thought putting electronics in the freezer was bad.  Water could condense and screw your earphones.
sa7 has no bass tuning port?
100s have also been released.
A lot of good earphones have mics, if you're interested.
I'm wondering if you're interested in the hippo epic's?  especially their epic sparkles.  They look interesting to me.
Thanks for the review.  I was actually about to buy these awhile ago, but after reading this I'm glad I didnt.
Also you think these need an amp?  I just might get these in the near future (about a year or so)
Will those cables replace the cables on all of UE's lineup?   Looking at:   There are two cables for those ordered before or after september 1.  The new cable seems to be the one for after september 1st.
Bose is very looked down upon here.  I suggest you NOT go after them because you can get much more for the same price.
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