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That is one bad-ass design.
Val,   I like the sound of Signature Series.  I think all of the other names are too...corny and childish.  Thats just my own opinion.  I wouldn't exactly want to a buy a $300 headphone called the Valkyrie.  Instead, the M-100 Signature Series sounds like an actual high end headphone.   Also, one retailer I would suggest would be Best Buy.  I can imagine it would be a little hard since they have huge hard-ons for Monster Beats and Skullcandy.  In fact, I actually...
  If you are asking for a 60 day return policy with pre-production units, then you have no decency and should not deserve a pre-production unit.   As for questions about the sound and amping, I feel it is best to leave that to the head-fi community.  You're also asking for reviews/impressions on a product that has not even come out yet.  Calm yo ****.
Seriously?  Those are more expensive than the m100's themselves.
They should be fine for games.  I've played CS:S with IEMs just fine.   There are many options for cheap DAC/AMPs.  I'm also considering the u-dac2, but I'm having trouble convincing myself the amp is strong enough for the M100.  On the other hand, I'm strongly considering the Ibasso D-zero.  Super small and portable and can function as just a portable amp.
Although it's been awhile since I've bought earphones, I still check this page daily for updates.  It's nice to see that my GR06 are still the value-kings.  I'm extremely happy with them, they sound great and are built like a tank.  The wire in particular is awesome.  It is nice and thick and soft.  I also have to say that these babies have been through 2 washing machines (oops!) and still work without a hitch.   Thanks for the time and effort you put in this.
  Let the nagging begin... Seriously, can you guys stop being so demanding?  It is extremely annoying to go through posts of people whining and whining for more Val, more pics, more info, oh Val but you said, oh Val please!  He's pretty much told you everything.  We know what it looks like, we know what accessories it'll come with, we know the sound sig, we even know what the damn box looks like    Now here's an attempt to put some life back in this thread:   I'll be...
Omg...Took me forever to find that larger ear cushion he mentioned...
  This is the only sentence where I would have no problem with you capping it, bolding it, enlarging it, and coloring it.   Remember, Val has said he wants to take his time with this product. 
    Thanks for the info.  I didn't know what Val has posted given the rate that this thread grows (mostly useless stuff to be honest).
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