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I give up, this is making my brain numb. turned down the phiaton ms400...?  There's some recent reviews of the ms400 on the forums, ya know.  It doesn't hurt to even try and search for them.  In fact, there's a whole 'nother "FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE" thread where they have another very good alternative recommended.   Some people may be assholes here, but its just because they like people who take the time to research stuff first before asking away ignorantly.
Well they are too very different is a bass monster and another is bass-light...
The new one has a longer strain relief i think.
These look way more comfy than the previous headphones.
Just curious, how deep do they go into your ear canal?  I hope not too deep.
I'm all for it, as long as they don't double the price.
Congratulations, you might have just told me the next IEM to buy (when the wallet needs to slim down).  Thanks for the review!
  Yeah the UE line-up review is really interesting.  Especially the 600 since it is really similar to the audeo pfe
I would agree with getting better phones to suit the mamba.  Alternatively, you could plug the mamba into your computer as a DAC, instead of just using it as an amp with the ipod.
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