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Just saying, the MSRP is higher on the ProMedia than the S4, which is marketed towards gamers.   $80 S4 $90 ProMedia $100 S4i   Again, these are just MSRP
That looks like a siren transducer?   Enjoy :)
Damn I almost thought this was a review lol
Hmmm it's still kind of early to start making conclusions...   Besides, the 448 is in headroom's top 10.
I just hope people realize that head-fi is not the place to say dumb things.   That's why I like it here.   As to the OP, make sure you check out joker's review thread containing portable headphones (since you aren't planning on getting an amp):   It also has the m-50 in it, but as you can see, the m50 is already almost as good as...
Oh nvm, scratch my post.  thanks for the coupon, i want these headphones.
Thats used...?
Shucks...My guess of HD 438 was pretty darn close.  After seeing all those sennheisers rejected, I knew it had to be 4x8, but I just thought youd like velour ear pads better!   Congrats Hayang!
HD 438 along with the previous 10
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