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On the site it says closed.
MS400 look way better than the beats IMO, good choice :P.   Welcome to head-fi and sorry about your wallet!
He reshelled it, he didn't recable it.   Reshells are around $200.
Love contradictions.
Just curious ericp10, did you find any IEMs/headphones that are true upgrades to the KC3?  I feel like my tastes are just like yours from what I've been reading.  
Just to let you know, the KC3 is already near the top in terms of sound quality.  For $150, you won't really find an upgrade.  A sidegrade at best.
That's really interesting to see that the Q460 are an improvement to the K450, when everyone thought that the Q460s were just rebrands.  Makes me wonder if the Q701 is an improvement?
Nice nice.  How does the bass on these sound?  I'm actually wondering about their midbass perforamnce
These seem pretty sweet.  What kind of music do you listen to?
Just saying, the MSRP is higher on the ProMedia than the S4, which is marketed towards gamers.   $80 S4 $90 ProMedia $100 S4i   Again, these are just MSRP
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