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What did you expect for $2?
It doesnt...   EDIT: Hmm you're right actually, but I asked this before in joker's IEM thread about the PS200's bass.      
@mochan   Have you looked at future sonics?  They use dynamic drivers and I've read that they are bassy.
I'm assuming the new zx700's are a lot bigger and cover more of the ears than the ms400?
Nice zx700 review.   A sony headphone that I can maybe convince myself into buying, but at least I will have less trouble converting my friends into audiophiles!   Thanks for the reviews
In the executive option, where they say "upgraded driver" can anyone chime in on what they mean?  Like in the X2 and X3, they say the same thing, but are they referring to all 2/3 drivers being upgraded or just one.
Good review, I agree with you about the bass being wayyyy to big.
Hey joker, how does the KC3 compare to the 1964-T?  I'm really a fan of the KC3's sound sig and I was wondering if I should maybe go for a reshell or a new custom.  I'm most specifically looking at the quantity of bass between the two.  From what I've read it looks like they have about the same?
Not much.  UM3x is pretty up top.
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