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On that note, if you do find the sound to be better in wired passive mode, I think it'd be best if you returned the 9000's and picked up the 6000.  You'd save yourself about $200.
These should be here in 2 days or so.  I was just wondering how well these work amped/unamped.  Would a $100 dac/amp greatly improve performance or does it sound just fine without it? 
Thinking about picking up a pair of white 6000's this weekend.  
Ultras?  After a quick look on the internet, I found that some places are carrying them, such as amazon and J&R, but its not on the Sol website (EDIT: It's on their shop site).  Any more information on these?  A good bite at $180?
I'd love a review too.
EDIT: Not a sale but Amazon tricking me into thinking it did.
Too bad those AKG's are not portable and even though Quincy Jones is a much better producer than Dr. Dre, Dre is still more popular than Quincy Jones.  Also, the beats are advertised much heavier than the AKGs.
I would rather see an advertisement that says the hinges are reinforced with some extra strength steel than they are the new Valhallian Valkyrie hinges made by Odin himself.   Also, cool names do not apply to the general public.  What marketing do you see on the beats?  Dr. Dre.  Thats it.  The whole headphone is made of plastic, they have nothing special to call the hinges etc.
Hey mark, I'm looking to pair these with a fiio e10.  Do you know where I can buy a 75ohm adapter?
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