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Funny you took mine.  Apparently they had issue with my billing and shipping address being different and delayed my order.  But they placed me on backorder.  Can't blame em...this isn't the first time this happened to me.
    Thanks, pulled the trigger.  Been looking at some headphones around $300 and this was a good deal.  Sad I missed Fidelio L1's for $150 last week though.
Sony MDR-1R for $190...Is the seller reputable?
Try calling them and see if they can refund you the savings.
Best buy has $50 off $100 in stores using mastercard with this printable coupon:   Note: excludes Bose, Denon, Sony, Sennheiser, Magnolia (may include some stuff like Pioneer headphones, AKG k550), B&W and others   Pretty extensive exclusion list..........................................
Monster iSport for $30 on tigerdirect.  Blue and Yellow colors available.
Well, I guess I must be lucky.  My 6000's are fine.
  There's like a little dead zone in the middle between on and off where I'll get no sound.  It's not a big deal in my book.
None of the controls work with my Motorola Droid Razr MAXX.  It runs on Android 4.0.  It's not a big deal in my book, but I really like the cable.  It's nice and beefy.
  Thanks for that.  I was definitely sitting on the fence with the M-100, but that $300 price tag scared me away a bit.  I'm glad I waited and stumbled onto the 6000's.  IMO, the deeper cups on the 6000 are extremely important as I have pretty big ears.  I am happy with these UE6000's, and after reading that, I'm not upset that I didn't splurge an extra $100 on the M-100s.  I guess I can buy the M-100's further down the road just to...well...just to have them :).  Quite...
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