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    This is the last headphone cable you will ever have to buy!   The modular design of this setup allows you to choose the correct heaphone and source application. You no longer need to purchase a whole new cable to match you headphones and amplifier. Additional termination options are avalible through Moon Audio.   The main cable length is 10 feet with mini XLR connections at the ends The headphone leads are set up to accept Sennheiser HD 600 or 650...
Thank you for the great review!
Here is the best amp review that I have ever read.   After reading the review I ordered a RSA Protector and it was just what I was looking for at the time.  The upper end models hold their value well but there is still a used discount that can get you into your price range.    I hope this helps.  Good Luck!
I would recommend a used Ray Samuels Audio.  All models work well and have never given me any issues.  Good Luck! 
I apologize for not catching your post earlier.  I was going back and forth trying to figure that out myself and had to rely on my wife calling Headroom.  The first issue is that there is no serial number on the unit.  They said that there could be a sticker on the outside which there isn't and maybe there is a serial number on the inside, but I didn't want my wife to start dismantling the amp!   The next step taken to find which volume control was used is not...
This is the best Amp I have ever owned and probably will ever own, but I'm never home due to deployments (currently in Iraq), "so it is time to sell".  At least those are the words my wife keeps telling me!!!   I have owned 2 x Max Amps prior to the balanced Max and have never had an issue with my Hearoom equipment.  If I had to choose between the BUDA and Max Balanced it would be a no brainer for me.  The BUDA is awesome but the Max Balanced is better!  You will not...
PM sent on a Headroom Max Balanced
Nice set of cans!!!  Made for travel or the office!
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