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 NAMM is indeed limited to members of the music industry, but there are plenty of Head-fiers who are in the trade - or know people or who are (guest badge FTW!).
Orders to claim NAMM price specials (on all our IEMs as well as SCS and Musicians Earplugs) must be placed by EOB next Friday, January 30.   Even better: If you're at the NAMM Show, you can also get free ear impressions in the booth (with order). Plus, we'd love to meet you! (Sorry; can't extend that offer beyond the show floor.)   Custom colors are still a $50 option, but the $25 discount on the overall order still applies.
At its core, Sensaphonics is a custom IEM manufacturer, not a resheller. Shure and Etymotic are both Chicago-area companies with whom we work with directly as partners.
For live performance, you should strongly consider a silicone CIEM. Jaw movement is far more likely to result in lost seal with hard materials like acrylic. Silicone provides deeper fit, and flexes with the ear canal to help maintain the seal under duress. It's a lot more comfortable, too.
 Quick tip: The Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves fit the entire current SE line (except the rather bulbous 846). So if you invest in teh SCS for the SE215, you can also use it with the 425 and 535 as you move along the upgrade path.
 Word to the wise: Today is the final day for these deals. And happy holidays to all!
 FYI, Claudia (who is totally awesome) was out sick for a few days following Thanksgiving weekend. Sometimes the explanation is both simple and reasonable...
Nice! That can be a busy time, so please call ahead to set up your appointment.
The fast answer to the title question = no. Electrical summation to mono is NOT equivalent to separate Left and Right signals within a single earpiece.   You mentioned the Sensaphonics 221 ( The 221 is a true stereo device, with a pair of full-range drivers (one for the Left signal, the other for the Right), housed together within a single earphone. The L and R outputs are sent down individual tubes and delivered to the inner ear. There...
I remain amazed that any self-described audiophile would put their hearing at risk by attempting DIY impressions.   It is an incredibly stupid idea, on many levels.   Sounds like you're in a relatively remote area, LostArk. I suggest you contact Sensaphonics at 312-432-1714 during business hours to discuss.
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