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 My post was to remind audio lovers of the importance of their hearing health, nothing more and nothing less. I find it highly ironic that so many audiophiles give virtually no thought to this topic, while at the same time expending much time and effort in search of DIY custom and/or truly universal fit solutions. You don't know what you've got til it's gone. #RespectYourEars
Hello, Sound Eq.   Don't get me wrong; I support your goal. And I totally understand the frustration caused by poor fit, which is amplified many times over by living in a distant location.   My personal evaluation is that the disruptive technology you seek is elusive by nature. The Onkyo solution you linked to is interesting, but I doubt it will be truly effective for more than about 70% or users. Why 70%? Because no "universal" fit design has done better than the 70%...
I remain amazed at the lengths to which audiophiles will go to avoid a trip to the audiologist. As lovers of sound, one would think that an occasional trip to the audiologist would be common practice - just like seeing a dentist or optometrist.  #RespectYourEars  
Oops d/p; sorry.
Shipping very soon.   Interested in reviewing? PM me.
New colors just came out - say hello to our Crystal Glitter collection!     In fact, all custom colors are free for the holidays: Glisten While You Listen.
Good luck!
You should never have to "push them in and hold them there." Once they are fully inserted, they should stay in position. So something has changed.   Definitely make the call.   Sensaphonics: 312-432-1714 Mon-Fri, 9a-5p CST (closed Th-Fri this week)
 You can be certain of one thing: the shape of your sleeves has not changed. It just doesn't happen without extreme conditions, even over several years of use. Ear canals do change shape, usually as a side effect to other physical changes in the body. Changes in body weight are a common cause. Aging is only a factor in young users, who can change rapidly in their teen years. I imagine there are medical things that could cause a change as well, but I'm certainly no...
Well said - thanks for the kind words!
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