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Ah, the wonders of soft silicone, a proper fit, and a natural sound signature!   Just goes to show, you don't need a lot of drivers to deliver amazing audio.
 We have a sizable number of bikers among our customers - custom earplugs, custom IEMs, and Shure sleeves. Frankly, it depends on the size of your ears, but if you are wearing the SE425 successfully, the sleeve should work fine. Feel free to contact Sensaphonics directly with any questions. You might also want to check out some biker forums. I know the (BMW) has had discussions.
 Actually, Sensaphonics occupies both halves of that building's first floor -- offices and Musicians Hearing Clinic on the left, manufacturing lab and shipping on the right. Typically, the same person (the awesome Claudia) handles the phones, the walk-in customers, and the order entry for impressions shipped to us. It's a pretty efficient approach. We're a small, custom-only company, focused on serving musicians as our primary customer base since our founding in 1985. We...
Sensaphonics does a fair amount of custom sleeve business for Shure and Etymotic users. The nice thing is that it provides many of the benefits of a CIEM, but keeps your universal pristine for potential resale.   Link for more info:
 Sorry about that, mate, but the physical design makes a sleeve impactical. For similar reasons, there are some older Shure models (E2/E2C, SCL2, SE110, SE115) that we don't do custom sleeves for, either.
Thanks for the kind words, man. We try.
People need to understand that everyone's ear canals behave differently (that is, individually). This is, in essence, the reason that there is no single "correct" method of taking ear impressions.
Hm, nothing in DC proper, but there are a couple of highly recommended Sensaphonics Gold Circle audiologists in the area:   Johns Hopkins Medical Center Mariah Menichino Baltimore, MD 410-955-6153 – Email Pam Mason, M. Ed., CCC-A Bethesda, MD 301-296-5790 – Email   Hope this helps.
Or it could be an April Fools PR from yesterday...
For clarity, photos of the Sensaphonics custom Shure sleeves (shown with SE425). The added isolation is due to deep insertion, past the 2nd bend of the ear canal. The soft silicone also flexes with your ear canal, maintaining the seal.   BTW, Sensaphonics offers bundle deals for the SE846, SE535, and SE425 combined with custom sleeves that can save you a few bucks. They also make custom sleeves for most (not all) other Shure IEM models.
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