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Fleasbaby, how much would you charge for a sleeve?
oh yeah that would work. 
If I do the full woody on my sr325is, could I go back and install my metal cup if I decide I don't prefer the sound of the woody? since it's a full woody I think I'm going to have to remove the plastic shell/cup around the driver. therefore, how would I be able to install them bad into my metal cup? 
I just scooped that on vinyl. I love me some Bungle.  My magnums are loving this soothing/stoner rockin' masterpiece... 
is it still possible to sign up for the SG tour? I would love to audition those bad boys and have extensive knowledge of Grado/magnum cans. I currently own a woodied magnum with a v4 driver, as well as a sr325i, which will be woodied shortly. Thanks! 
those are beautiful. where'd you get the wooden cups from? yew audioworks? is that a member here on headfi?
how would you mod the Ld1+? do you mean if you change out the tubes/op-amp?
I'm about to do the tape mod myself. 
how do they sound? do you have any other grados which you've compared them to? 
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