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One of the very few absolute masterpieces in modern music.
Beautiful folk record. z
It's these moments that we all strive for.  If we can stop obsessing about gear.  Congrats!
My BH Crack was the first thing I had ever soldered in my life.  It took me 2 nights (about 6 hours total) to finish, not counting the time it took to cut and strip wire (the easy stuff), and I made 2 mistakes.  I fixed those 2 mistakes in about 20 minutes.  And then I had a functioning headphone amp that has turned out to be pretty much my endgame choice paired with Senn HD600s.  I sold a pair of LCD-2 headphones and a Woo WA6-SE in favor of this combo.   It still blows...
I haven't heard the HD650s but I have the HD600s which have the (subjective) reputation of being a bit more neutral (less dark) than the 650s.  So based on that, I can tell you that the V3s have a pretty similar sound signature to the HD600s...with just a touch of extra bass emphasis.  With that in mind along with all the hearsay I've read on here, the V3s should sound like HD650s with a little better detail.   And in terms of headstage, I think the V3s are pretty amazing...
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