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Is this still for sale? PMed.
This 4R is now sold! Thanks for your interests!
Selling my 4R to upgrade, bought from Amazon last year. Mint condition, well cared for(see pics), used mainly at home ( outside I use XBA40 for convenient). No box( still looking ..) but have all accessories, Westone's new "star" silicone tips (unused as I use Meelectronics  tips). Also included is the Filo RCWT1 Cable. 0USD. - Paypal payment as gift or sender pays the fee - Im in Sydney, will ship internationally if you are willing to pay extra @ 15 usd for Registered...
Thanks for the reply. Let me know when ready for sale after your holiday.
Is it still for sale? PM me thanks.
Hello, I have a pair, it is rarely used (got 272 a month after 262, then ...many more ...so mainly used for testing with others), Got the box but still need to locate its accessories. Let me know if you are mainly looking for the drivers (the phones) or complete package, I can send the picture and also in Sydney so should save shipping cost. Cheers,
I have the RE0 and also Zero, but after many upgrade I dont think I can locate all the spare tips (accessories), are you looking for one to replace your damaged drivers?
Sorry haven't got time to go online much. I don't have the Iphone 5 but I do have Ipod classic 4G, will find LOD cable then try XBA40 with Arrow 4G this weekend to find down.
Hello Joker, Thanks for the nice work and informative Multi IEM review. When possible could you test out the XBA-40 with the tips below, I think these are Re0/Zero black tips. Having these tips on I found the XBA40 sounds as good or better than EX1000. (Amped with arrow 4G) XBA40 has EX1000 like timbre with better layering and 3D sound. Interesting to see how you will find its performance compared to EX1000 or good IEM like Westone 4, as I am still pondering about...
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