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I would prefer the theory about silver sounds good ;)
    I plan to use silver one
  JiPod, any news on your order?
Just get some KOSS Porta Pro, they have a lot of bass
I've had the VALAB, it's ok as musical DAC, the soundstage is also ok, too many bass I think, it is definitely analog sounding but I suggest to use the upgraded Dr.Dac2 which I had a chance to campare recently to Valab. It beats valab in each aspect.
Hello everyone! Is there any comparison of these two? I've just read some interesting opinion on LynxTwo via Adnaco S-2 on one russian audiophile forum where autor have had comparison between many-many brilliant DACs. So here is the quote (his own top):   "1. Lavry Gold - reference 2. GTE - Cold mids, bass is very quick, maybe some different cables could make it better. 3. LynxTWO - Cool all the way but smaller scene comparing the first two. 4. dCS Scarlatti -...
Thanks! Will give it a try.
Which is the best amp for these?
Copy from In Silico, paste to Immersion
And I have no problems with my MacBook Pro and iTunes :)
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