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Hmm, yeah... the guys are talking stuff
Did you read my post? "...if you are about to listen to music via your laptop at home..."
Thank you, Mr. toidcans! :)  
Well that's clear for me since the closed ones gives more feq. distortions from the back cover.
Yeah, who doesn't 
Nice one, thanks, but all in all we have 4 leaders: LCD-2, HD 800, HE-5, and ?Sony CD-3000?looks OK too
I was really excited about Grado stuff and went one day to the store to listen to some top line cans. Well, I don't know how people can name it as one of the best HPs eva which are plays music with pronounced glass (can) effect... So I would suggest you to buy either UE TF-10 or ES SM3. And the most important part of your setup is the DAC if you are about to listen to music via your laptop at home then you just have to get one of these. I recommend either Dr.DAC2 with...
I did it according to this picture so the problem is only in L/R mixup on the 1/4 jack?  
It's a hobby, no? Isn't it interesting to do something great by your own hands and check it out with the greatest headphones eva? Besides, we need to do something else to let these guys do their job since we are starving here cause waiting.
Why don't you send them an email?
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