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Thank you, I'm curious is there any comparison in terms of soul and musicality between MHDTs and VALABs? Since I want to get the most.
nonono! I made it unclear, sorry. I have no experience with any MHDT DACs. What I had is the VALAB NOS but wanted to go to the next level and got the PS Audio Digital link which is not so musical and soulful as my past VALAB. So I'm asking anybody to guide me for the next DAC which could be any of MHDT or VALAB again.
Hello dear headfiers!   Some time ago I've had the Valab and it sounded really musical for me but unfortunately I've replaced it with my current PS DLlll which is not enough soulful I think. And would like to come back to more analog sound I've heard from the VALAB recently. But is it worth to try some MHDTs first?   Thank you.   Paul.
Hey everyone, I would like to find an answer. I will use the SM3 with my iPhone on the road and MacBook Pro + SM3 at the office so I'm gonna need something stellar in between.
Does anybody want it? I have PS DLlll > Woo Audio 6 > Senn 650
Well ok, it's pretty simple if you are about to claim that the "can effect" means soul then yup, Grados has a lot of that stuff called soul. They remind me the sound of old KOSS TD-85 but with better driver.
I believe I saw somewhere in the threads some happy guy's impressions who has listened LCD-2 with Luxman and WooAudio. Maybe it was in the CanJam thread or in Audeze LCD-2 thread.
Hey! Post the pic!
That's an extremely interesting project for me, thank you! Is there anybody who has finished it in a box?  
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