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I sold my Dual Femto Clock Aries because I don't use it anymore. Complete package includes the box and everything in it... Perfect condition, latest firmware and so on. 110/220v switchable (just let me know what would you use and I'll switch the voltage before shipping). Used for about 6 months.   Shipping worldwide available.
You actually can use your remote still if you chose in the settings of the Vega to use for the volume an UP/DWN remote buttons. So that the Taurus will use remote's Volume buttons and the Vega will ignore that since.
Hello everybody! Recently I bought the US unit but as far as I live in the 220v country I need to convert the unit to the correct voltage. Is there anyone who has done this before? Could you please help me here? I have an experience converting the Aries if needed so I can guide anyone.   An Auralic's support turned on the 'Robot mode' repeating that there is no user-servisable parts in their product...
Looks like it was one really annoying streamer! Mine was with 1.7 maybe 1.5 FW. BTW, does it means that it have no AC-standard WiFi card inside?
Yes, right now it's wireless but I've had to connect it to LAN first.
So hey everyone. Today I've turned on my Aries for the very first time and I'm completely disappointed in terms of user experience. Soundwise it's flawless though.   It all started with a disappointment from an error on the screen "Network error, please use LAN cable". I haven't planned to do so since I've had no LAN cables around and thought that the device who's been able to play from an external USB drive could be networkless. At least from the start. Also, my...
I've sent PM 2 days ago, got no reply yet.
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