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Hey everyone, I would like to find an answer. I will use the SM3 with my iPhone on the road and MacBook Pro + SM3 at the office so I'm gonna need something stellar in between.
Does anybody want it? I have PS DLlll > Woo Audio 6 > Senn 650
Well ok, it's pretty simple if you are about to claim that the "can effect" means soul then yup, Grados has a lot of that stuff called soul. They remind me the sound of old KOSS TD-85 but with better driver.
I believe I saw somewhere in the threads some happy guy's impressions who has listened LCD-2 with Luxman and WooAudio. Maybe it was in the CanJam thread or in Audeze LCD-2 thread.
Hey! Post the pic!
That's an extremely interesting project for me, thank you! Is there anybody who has finished it in a box?  
Isn't it depends on DAC?
You both are killing us! What's wrong with your orders?  
Yeah, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind you guys — May 27th
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