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Selling my Light Harmonic LightSpeed 10G Standard Configuration 0.8M USB Cable. Lightly used, includes a box + transferrable lifetime "no question asked" warranty.   Free Worldwide shipping included.
Bump: still available.
Sale pending
I sold my Dual Femto Clock Aries because I don't use it anymore. Complete package includes the box and everything in it... Perfect condition, latest firmware and so on. 110/220v switchable (just let me know what would you use and I'll switch the voltage before shipping). Used for about 6 months.   Shipping worldwide available.
You actually can use your remote still if you chose in the settings of the Vega to use for the volume an UP/DWN remote buttons. So that the Taurus will use remote's Volume buttons and the Vega will ignore that since.
Hello everybody! Recently I bought the US unit but as far as I live in the 220v country I need to convert the unit to the correct voltage. Is there anyone who has done this before? Could you please help me here? I have an experience converting the Aries if needed so I can guide anyone.   An Auralic's support turned on the 'Robot mode' repeating that there is no user-servisable parts in their product...
Looks like it was one really annoying streamer! Mine was with 1.7 maybe 1.5 FW. BTW, does it means that it have no AC-standard WiFi card inside?
Yes, right now it's wireless but I've had to connect it to LAN first.
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