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Will do!) Thanks!
Ok got it, thank you all!
So in general it seems like all comes down to the Dave vs Bricasti. How those compare to each other? Does the Bricasti sounds compressed comparing to Dave? Any flaws sound wise?
Thank you!I thought so regarding the Analog...I plan to connect the DAC to my AMP (McIntosh MC275) directly which I do now. Balanced or not is not a major factor for me. I enjoy both at the moment from the Vega while both the amp and DAC are balanced but sound great on RCA or XLR.The speakers I use are the legendary Yamaha NS-2000. Which are capable of showing all the transparency the rest of the chain has as well as any digital noises and harshness of it. While I already...
Romaz, thanks for such a thorough reply! Much appreciated! And have you heard the MSB Analogue? Is it on the same 'happy-sounding DAC' path as the Vega? Since basically I choose between the Dave / Analogue / or M1 from Bricasti. What I don't like initially from the latter is that it's a bit outdated already and the Analogue is sort of the beginning of the line from MSB which will bother me one day. While the Dave is the latest and greatest of those three. And Aqua is not...
Gentlemen, as a current owner of Auralic Vega I'm looking for a ~$12k DAC while I can't take them all to my place, would like to get some recommendations. Which one of those on the market could sound as the Vega but on completely another level? I do like Vega's signature for sure and would like to pick top tier dac which will remind me of technicolor sound of Vega. What bothers me regarding the Dave that I constantly read the he sounds a bit rounded. Which I'm afraid is...
Selling my Light Harmonic LightSpeed 10G Standard Configuration 0.8M USB Cable. Lightly used, includes a box + transferrable lifetime "no question asked" warranty.   Free Worldwide shipping included.
Bump: still available.
Sale pending
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