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I have a Creative Zen Vision: W that I love, and used to have an old desktop with a Creative Soundblaster card.
There have been several blind tests between LAME encoded mp3s at various bit rates and lossless done in the sound science forums, and I think the results have consistently shown that a decent percentage of people *can* ABX the two. I know I can, and it's really not something that even requires high-end gear. I personally was using the headphone-out of a budget Lenovo laptop > FiiO E5 > Head Direct RE2 (I find it easier on my RE2 than my Alessandro MS1i in most settings...
Hullo there!
Hrm, a third question. If the SR headphones all share identical drivers, wouldn't that result in the post-2009 SR60, 80, and 125 all being the same headphone? They all use the comfy pads now.
I'm enjoying the discussion here, it's very informative. But I've ended up with two questions from it. Mind you, these are not meant as criticisms of anything said previously but rather honest questions about things that just don't seem to quite add up for me. I have a feeling that this is largely due to gaps in my understanding about sound reproduction anyway... But as is:   1) Given that the SR60, 80, and 125 all have the same stated range of frequency response of...
It really is a mixed bag. I let another friend of mine try out my MS-1i's the other day, he just sat there head-bopping to the music without saying a word for a good 40 minutes, and was very enthusiastic when he finally took them off. On the other hand, I've also had discussions with friends who vehemently resist the possibility that there's anything better out there than Skullcandy, despite attempts at diplomacy. Two friends in particular managed to take offense at the...
  I... I need some time alone, please.  
Depends on where you're located, there are quite a number of them. I spend my time roughly split between Broome County and the Capital District, and know of a few stores in both areas. Checking the Grado website for a local dealer, as suggested, is probably your best bet.
Heh, this really can be fun. My favorite reaction was after letting my sister's boyfriend have a listen to my MS-1i's. They mysteriously disappeared from my bedstand until afternoon the next day...
I'd also second the suggestion on cleaning out the housing/drivers. Any gunk in their that has collected over the years would certainly influence the sound. And if the pads have deteriorated, it's even quite possible that some of the foam has fallen in. I've heard of that happening with old Grados in another thread.
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