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I'm having the same problem. I purchased UE 900s for $250 from an online retailer 4 months ago, and the bass drivers are out in the left side. Logitech has told me they will only replace with something that is $250, and will not replace with another 900s. WTF? Isn't a warranty worth anything anymore? All I really want is a replacement left monitor. Am I just up the creek?
I have some... I like em. I had some Super Fi 5 Pros that broke and these are the ones they sent me. These are really the same thing, only in a smaller, cheaper package. I say go for it. I like mine quite a bit, and I have used them for IEM's also... I'm not as atuned as some are to the differences in other phones, but these do it for me. < $100 is a great deal.
I am new to the forum, but I have been lingering here for a couple weeks looking for a decent IE phone/monitor, and finally decided on the UE SuperFi 5 Pro. As a professional musician, I am, of course, also a music enthusiast as well. I was stoked to get my new SF5Pros... but my usual music player is the HD2. When I first started using the SF5P's I was a little saddened by the amount of noise I could hear from my player. I then read that the attenuator that was included...
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