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Right, but it just ends up changing it to a "k" sound.  You could just put a dash XD In any case, not the most relevant thing.  Don't want to fill the board up with this.
Ok, fixed.  Does it really matter though?  I linked directly to where you can find them so there wouldn't really be any confusion on that end. Also, ironically, I actually speak Russian, and I know what the word is supposed to sound like.  Neither spelling makes sense.  It's technically just supposed to be pronounced "vas-hoh'd".  No idea where the "k" comes from.
Oh, that's interesting.  I see.  Ok, so I'm not crazy then XD Lol, thanks for the clarification.
I haven't tried the C3G.  Is this what everyone is talking about?  I've never seen one with an additional connector (or whatever it is) in the center.  How would it fit? XD  
I kind of expected you were going to get different answers, but to me, it almost sounds like you were directly describing the Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV.  I would recommend getting ones with the OTK1 and military diamond/rhombus stamp.  A seller I'd strongly recommend is Ebay user glaz_25.  It might take a while to ship but he has great quality tubes and provides excellent care of your order.  The only thing is, nothing can really help the "veil" on the 650's, even EQ, as it's less...
Any Genalex - Gold Lion tubes compatible with Little Dot MK III?
Honestly, I don't know of any cans more accurate than them, so I'm not surprised. Good on them. Only thing weird is that they're not using the Fischer Audio ones which are slightly better with the titanium reinforced drivers, making for another treble and less distortion in general.
Yeah, I guess the Ti would be a better option then.  I'm not sure exactly yet if I'll be purchasing it yet (might just be purchasing the headphones themselves), but yeah, if it's less firm, then it probably means it's exactly the same if not worse in terms of how the pressure affects how the cups sit on your head.  Personally, I like how the HM5's are for example out-of-the-box in terms of tightness.  I actually really hate the fact (purely in term of comfort I'm speaking...
This is excellent!  I've been waiting for something like this for a while!  I appreciate you guys  setting this up.  The headband is undoubtedly overpriced even if it's with the fixed aluminum forks (I mean, even $50 would be pushing it), and I guess relative to the original price of the FA-003Ti's, the cost of the drivers/cups makes sense.  I'm glad to see some description of the different types of wood as well.
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