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Yeah, I guess the Ti would be a better option then.  I'm not sure exactly yet if I'll be purchasing it yet (might just be purchasing the headphones themselves), but yeah, if it's less firm, then it probably means it's exactly the same if not worse in terms of how the pressure affects how the cups sit on your head.  Personally, I like how the HM5's are for example out-of-the-box in terms of tightness.  I actually really hate the fact (purely in term of comfort I'm speaking...
This is excellent!  I've been waiting for something like this for a while!  I appreciate you guys  setting this up.  The headband is undoubtedly overpriced even if it's with the fixed aluminum forks (I mean, even $50 would be pushing it), and I guess relative to the original price of the FA-003Ti's, the cost of the drivers/cups makes sense.  I'm glad to see some description of the different types of wood as well.
Thanks!  That's really cool.  Unfortunately, I already searched craigslist and ebay and didn't find anything.  I couldn't find the actual part in the Sennheiser store either, even with the number you provided.  All I'm able to find anywhere is the padding for it.  Ironically, I was able to find one listing on eBay which actually sells it by doing the search with that part number.  It's even more, like $100 though.  No headband, especially of this nature, costs EVEN CLOSE...
I was also curious.
Is there a way/place to get the band separately?  Thanks!
It's been a while and a lot of posts since the original post here.  In this time, anyone added any further meaningful mods or recommend alternatives to this (the original)?  If so, why?  Thanks!
That's cool!  Well alright, good to know! :)
Where did you guys find ANY impulse response files?..  I couldn't find a single one with whatever I searched.
Yeah, I gotcha.  Well alright, so I'm wondering, do you do audio mixing or just an enthusiast?
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