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Hey, so anybody got a hold of these and got a chance to review them?
Indeed.  Apart from like two peaks and overall slightly forward treble, they're almost perfect actually.  Of course there could still be better imaging and a bigger soundstage.  They're also not the most comfortable, but most importantly they don't ruin the music or really take much away from it, and without an amp they'd still probably be the best for the price, especially if looks and/or mobility are a priority in any way.   PS- Though for a prolonged musical...
IMO, the M40x's actually fix and improve upon everything from the M50x's.  The difference is so stark as a matter of fact that I despise the M50's (their the worst thing on my rack) while the M40x's are one of the best, if not THE best for portable use especially.  Finally I can give Audio-Technica some credit because all I've known before was the M50's.  
Oh, thanks!  Not a problem.  I appreciate it!
So I just checked and I can't actually find the NVX or any other version of these headphones on the site at all.  Are you sure it was at SonicSense?  Thanks.
Oh, well yeah, not the combo.  I was saying I preferred the standalone XPT100's for $80 rather than the current deal.  Thanks for informing me of the $70 deal though.  Even better! :D
Yeah, they used to be $80 though :/.  I preferred that deal.  Maybe that'll be back.
That's quite the expensive alternative you're comparing them to.  It's also a little bit like comparing apples and oranges in the sense that the FX850's are IEMs and the FA-003's are over-the-ear headphones, but I guess that ultimately doesn't matter in the scope of subjective experience which you are speaking from. Well, for EDM and indeed things like Dubstep and so on, I have a pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones and I do prefer them over my Brainwavz HM5's...
Oh, not at all.  It's more than welcome.  Actually, I was hoping somebody might make a mention of something relevant to what I've brought up as it was perhaps discussed in the past.  I mention that in the last paragraph of my first post on here actually.  If you go back to it, this is a little bit about something different though.  I don't want to waste people's time however by rehashing all that I've stated. Basically, I've been wondering what has caused the difference in...
As for everyone else, to actually post something of value and to give an idea of what I'm talking about, here's the EQ I've worked out to compensate for the peaks I'm hearing in the S5's response:     Any suggestions in terms of how to treat what should really be this but make it simpler for demonstrational purposes (to increase the significance of the impressions a novice can perhaps get from looking at this) would be appreciated.
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