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 I could send you my own pair of MH412s, they're still as good as new. Would take some time, but there's no hurry since you're the last member on the tour list.
 The drivers in the AKG K323 (and the new Y23) are actually excellent, but you'll have to tape the vent and change tips to hear what they're capable of. I'm planning to post a short comparison between the K323 and Y23 with suggestions for improvements later on. PM me for details if you're interested, as I don't want to derail this thread with OT posts.
 I just tried the stock music app on my SGS3 and it seems like a v-shaped EQ setting was on by default (don't think I've ever touched the app / EQ before). You can check it by tapping the speaker icon in the top right corner and the EQ icon below the volume slider.
 Maybe you could trade your Tenores with someone who's got a bass heavy pair and wants less bass?
Ime the S3 (international version) is a very good sounding source and you shouldn't hear a big SQ difference compared to your iPhone. Maybe check the Poweramp settings or try Samsung's stock player, something doesn't seem right imo if it sounds horrible.
 Power <> driving ability. RWAK240 has the same voltage output as AK240, but can deliver more instantaneous current for low ohm phones, due to more powerful capacitors in the output stage. However, the IE800's measured impedance is 18.8 ohms, which shouldn't be a problem for any of them.
 Uh-oh, I thought so too.   Maybe @luisdent forgot to shutdown the phone before he sent it, so the battery is exhausted? Leave it plugged in for an hour or so, the charging led should eventually light up.
 Welcome to head-fi, Boobtrinity!
 I had problems with hardening of the upper cable on my e-Q5, but neither had a problem with the e-Q7 nor the the e-Q8 cable so far.
 I'm with you and those pics do look great, just to call build quality completely covered is really a bit of a stretch at this point. We won't know for sure before a number of people have been using their production units for some time. For example, 2 out of the 3 most common issues on the Tenores are caused by internal shortcomings that are invisible from outside.  Personally, I haven't found a pair of IEMs that sounds better with SpinFits. They increase warmth and...
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