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 It's likely due to several factors. Firstly, my DIY silicone / foam hybrid tips isolate very well, but Complys may still have a slight edge. Secondly, my commute includes subway rides with much higher noise levels than your flights. Thirdly, I try to protect my ears by listening as quietly as possible (which still turns out to be pretty loud in a noisy environment). But most of all, I've been going back and forth between the Flares and VE Dukes over the last two weeks,...
 The $60 Ostry KC06 are pretty good "poor man's K3003s" imo. However, their isolation is rather low. Other options include the $200 VE Duke and the $300 DUNU 2000J, both of which isolate better than the KC06. They're a bit spikier / sharper than the K3003 in treble though, which can be mitigated with third party tips on the former and a simple mod on the latter.
It may be due to a fortunate ear anatomy, but I have no problem wearing the IE800 over-ears while retaining the same nozzle angle against the ear canal as with a downwards fit. As a result, the earpieces' rear end simply sits more flush with my ear instead of protruding outwards, which incidentally also helps to reduce wind noise.
  I second that (the bolded part). While the Ostry tips sound rather disappointing on some other IEMs I've tried them with, they're quite interesting on the Duke: OS100 (blue): best clarity, reduced sibilance (vs. stock tips) OS200 (red): medium clarity, no sibilance OS300 (black): worst clarity, no sibilance Obviously, OS300 are not recommended for the Duke. OS200 get rid of sibilance and retain pretty good clarity, they're probably the best choice for those who wear the...
 As for the bolded part, one more thing I forgot to mention in my first reply: while I love the Flares and think they're among the best IEMs I've ever heard, I actually don't find myself using them much on public transport. The reason being that I think their laid-back sound signature in the upper mids / lower highs is great for fatigue free listening in quieter surroundings, but not really well-suited for noisy environments. ymmv.
@xoxiax: x2 on great first post :)   I'm not a basshead, but have heard the EPH100 and RE600, so I may be able to give you a rough idea of what to expect. Please keep in mind that the R2A's bass changes, depending on endcap seal. With fully sealed caps, I'd say it's closer to the RE600 than the EPH100, but with a more dynamic and punchy feel than the Hifiman's. Great deep bass extension, zero mids bleed. However, if that cap is turned a little more loose, the increased...
 Take this with a grain of salt, because I'm not really an expert either:  So, in my understanding, all audio files will be re-encoded for BT transmission, regardless of their original format. In case of an iDevice transmitting to a CSR8645, that should mean everything gets re-encoded to AAC. Only for devices that support neither aptX nor AAC, the transmission would default to SBC.
 I took some time until I finally found the time to try the Ostry tips, but tbh I don't feel I missed out on anything. They sound actually pretty underwhelming, likely due to a questionable design that constricts >30% of their bore with a metal plate. 
 Depends on the chip being used, e.g. if it's the popular CSR8645 it would not only support aptX, but also Apple's AAC codec over bluetooth. Which means that transmission from an iDevice won't default to the inferior SBC (subband codec) and sound quality should be similar to aptX.
 One of my favorite places to drink. No Scotch though... must avoid the religious spiritual experience.  
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