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 I meant the tip covers the vent, but only its cap, not the stem. The stem doesn't go past that ridge on the nozzle. No mod required this time.  
 Visually: yesAcoustically: no
Self-made HD-wallpaper... Merry Christmas Everyone!  
 ^ you're the exception from the rule lol ;-)
 ...yet all of them firmly convinced that their ears are still in pristine condition :P
 The foam packed thing was just to find out how much damping of the rear vent is required. The v2 mod itself uses tiny slices from drinking straws and is almost invisible to the naked eye. Lol @custom tag. Funny how modding is pretty common with full-sized headphones, but not much with IEMs, even though similar acoustic principles apply.
 It's not gone, but you typed it right into the middle of the quote.  The more I'm listening to my j444 v2-modded FX850s and 1100s, the more I think that both sound damn awesome. During a recent meet with two fellow head-fiers, I had the opportunity to directly A/B the v1-modded and v2-modded 850. It's amazing how effective v2 works in pushing excessive warmth down towards an almost analytical sound signature, while still retaining enough fun to avoid an overly clinical...
 I thought so too, until I came across a cable failure on a mint looking AKR02 I bought from eBay. This and the fact that it seems pretty hard to source a replacement cable (proprietary connectors and all) made me scrap the plan to get an AKR02 for commuting. Quite unexpectedly, the VII turned out to be well-suited for that purpose and they provide even better isolation than the SS and AKR02.  The VII's isolation is excellent, but may depend on how their tapered housings...
 Any flanges, as in not even single ones? I'm not a fan of dual / triple flanges either, but I find some single flanges (like Sony hybrids) extremely comfortable.  To me, they're in redundant territory as far as sound signature is concerned. But since I neither like the SS (too fragile) nor the UERM (too cumbersome) for commuting, they're by far my favorites in that regard.
 The FX1100 and FX850 cable (as well as a no-name $10 cable I got from eBay) sound exactly the same to me. Apart from sound, I feel that the fabric-covered FX1100 cable is a step down from the FX850 cable in quality, because it's less supple and more prone to kinking.
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