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And here's another one from higher up that hillside. Left some of my blood there wrestling upwards through the brush... but the view was worth it.     (Sigma DP0, original size is 10MB)  
 Wearing the cable over the ears instead of downwards might help.
This is from a famous stretch of the Danube River, called Wachau. It's tourist hell in summer, but serene tranquility in winter. (Sigma DP0, original size is 10MB)  
I had the Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote for 2 days over last weekend. Here are my impressions:   TL;DR: Detail freaks will likely wet their pants. Timbre freaks probably not.   First thing that strikes you is their diminutive size. How did they squeeze an 11mm driver into such a small housing? The latter is a bit bling-y, but extremely comfy to wear both downwards and over-ears. Together with the Linum Bax cable, these feel close to wearing no IEMs at all. Perfect!   Or...
Bridge across the Danube River  (Sigma DP0, original size is 10MB)  
 Yes, I own a Heaven VII and had a LAB I on loan from our dear (and sadly absent) friend musicbird some time ago. That's why I instantly knew that the photo shows the Heaven VII. I remember the LAB's thicker housing very well, since I had trouble fitting them with cable upwards. The Heaven VII, on the other hand, are genuinely comfortable for me both cable upwards and downwards, due to their thinner body. The translated impressions brings back memories of musicbird's...
 No, I'm just saying that the IEM in the photo is not the LAB I. I know for a fact that Heaven VII and LAB I sound different, because I've heard both.
 Well, what do I know. I opened up two pairs as shown in this post and thought it was pretty easy. May have just been lucky though.
Recabling shouldn't be too hard since you can open the housing pretty easily.
  This photo shows definitely the Heaven VII, not the LAB I. The LAB's housing is significantly thicker, which is easy to tell if you look at the bottom curve: 
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