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 Peakier. The damping foam is there for a reason. The RE-00's frequency response has a slight upper mids bump, similar to Etymotic IEMs or the Ortofon e-Q8. This makes them sound very clear and intimate with (female) vocals, but also borderline shouty. That kind of sound signature requires a particularly smooth response to avoid sounding obtrusive. I wouldn't recommend to remove the foam entirely.
The RE-00 are much closer to the DBA-02 you mentioned than to the Flares. Only smoother, due to DD vs. TWFK drivers. Similarly intimate and (upper) mids-forward sounding as the DBAs, whereas the Flares have an upper mids dip and sound more laid-back and spacious.
 Excellent review as always, thanks! I agree these are very good value IEMs with overall great sound quality.  However, I have to agree to some extent with this post, too. To my ears, the RE-00's low end rolls off a bit early. And to add insult to injury, they sound a tad overdamped imo, which makes them smooth and non-fatiguing to listen to, but also somewhat lifeless and lacking in perceived dynamics and depth. So, for those who feel the RE-00 could use a smidgen more...
 Great, I foresee a successful blend of photography styles! I'll show you the scenic places and you'll bring the models along.  
 Yup, they look like FX1100s after a pileup.   I'll likely post some ongoing impressions / comparisons, but I'm afraid a full review is probably not going to happen anytime soon.  
 My preliminary impression is that the FW01 are a slight but definite improvement over the FX1100/1200. Bass is still north of neutral and punchy, but less bloated, tighter and better defined. Mids are comparable in quality, but have better presence and intelligibility. And treble is ever so slightly less peaky, more refined and a tad more downsloping. Overall, they FW01 are slightly better balanced and less v-shaped than the older models. Looks like JVC have consequently...
 Thanks for the info regarding isolation on the FW01. I've only been using them in quiet surroundings so far and didn't notice any difference to the older models. Isolation between the FX850 and FX1100/1200 is pretty much on par ime.
FX1100/1200 (left) vs. FW01 (right) size comparison:  
Near Noli, a neighboring village of Varigotti, the ruins of the ancient church Santa Margherita at first light:       The church is situated high above sea level, and from the nearby Grotta dei Falsari (Cave of Counterfeiters) the view of the sea is spectacular:  
 There are wide differences in isolation between vented IEMs. The FIBASS with a deep seal has pretty high isolation, despite its rear vent. Even the bass would fit your bill imo, it's fast but definitely north of neutral and has some nice kick.
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