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 Here's a link to the genuine Sony hybrids sold by Amazon in the UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001UE6PBI
 It's just a thin slice cut off a Sony hybrid's tip stem. The red ones are the smallest size and they don't fit my ears, so I use them for other purposes. Works both as a visual and tactile marking of the right earpiece. 
 Yep, I agree with the first part, that's why I mentioned they may tilt inside the canal (at least inside bigger ears/canals). A tilted earpiece's nozzle is not properly aligned with the canal axis, and as a result, sound may change. The heavy Y-splitter pulling down on the cable is actually doing more more bad than good in that regard. As for sibilance, here are two of my test tracks: the first one is rather benign and the second one quite a bit nastier. The R2Pros pass...
 If the VII blew you away, why not just get your own VII? The FI-BA-SS are pretty similar, but with more aggressive highs. The Piano Fortes are completely different and rather unique / strange / idiosyncratic sounding. Out of all FADs I've heard, I find the VII easiest to recommend without reservation.
Ok, I've got a pair of R2PROs a few days ago and I've been putting quite a few hours into trying different tips, playing with fit, etc...   Out of the 100+ IEMs I've tried, these are probably the most tricky ones to assess, since their sound varies a lot with tips and insertion depth. Heck, they can even tilt inside the ear canal, due to their diminutive size... meaning, that even with the same tips and insertion depth, two consecutive insertions won't necessarily yield...
 Imo these earphones are meant to be worn without a seal and are not meant to sound "correct". For a more technical rundown, read Rin's analysis: http://rinchoi.blogspot.co.at/2013/03/final-audio-design-piano-forte-viii.html
 Low OI isn't enough, read RWA's explanation why the AK240 doesn't fare well with a low ohm load (like the e-Q8). As long as we don't know that GE's amp is able to deliver stable current into a low ohm load, I remain skeptical. As for GE vs. OW, I said GE's bass-compensation is a bit far-fetched. Their target is +6db at 20Hz vs. 300Hz, while OW's deep bass elevation is only about half of that, which is closer to how I subjectively hear it.
 So, what else is known about Golden Ears' measurement rig, besides the fact that they use "Golden Ears Headphone Amplifier V1.0" to drive the phones?
 X2, GE's bass compensation is a bit far-fetched imo and doesn't correlate with what I hear.
Crazy Fuji P&S snap (no effect or PP):  
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