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 Which filters were you using, Punit? Sounds like the stock, blue ones.
 That's pretty much it other than following instructions, turning a screw driver, gluing pre-cut pieces of wood together and using a test meter (by following clear instructions)
 There should be a stamped indentation (circular) at one end of the chip (on the top surface). The indentation goes at the same end as the cutout on the socket
 I agree and I use full size headphones for that very reason (see sig), but the OP is saying that they prefer the sound of the SE846 to the LCD 2s and I don't know that the TH-900s will fare any better. I also made the assumption (which might be wrong) that the need for closed earphones is about isolation and therefore IEMs may actually offer additional benefits
 Yeah. Lightroom is my all time favourite piece of software
 In my experience there is no closed headphone that can match the SE846. Why not use them in place of a closed headphone? I believe you'll be disappointed in the TH-900 if you're coming from the 8s
 Yes. This and what John said above are what I was trying to wrap my head around
 You'll find the HE-500s will sound better with other amps because the Crack is designed for higher impedance, but in the meantime, you could always keep the SA-31 and simply bypass the Crack's volume control to make it a pure power amp and use the SA-31 for volume control.
 I do my best!
It's probably not mentioned because it doesn't impact the user from a functionality point of view.   I've never heard an X5 that didn't make the clicking sound and the same is true for the amps I've used from FiiO including my E12DIY - completely normal. Perhaps you didn't notice it at first in the excitement of your new toy?
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