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I don't know the Opus, but if it's neutral then you shouldn't notice massive shifts in the signature. There will always be subtle shifts in presentation from one source to another, but sounds like it won't be dramatic
It's likely the sound will change with different amplification, but may also (in part) be a case of adjusting to a different type of presentation compared to the HD600.What DAP were you using for the initial test?
 Quick update: just tried another installation and noticed that, on the non-working Dell, the driver details (via Device Manager) shows only the one Meridian driver file with the unknown provider issue. On my Acer laptop that works perfectly with the Meridian, the driver details lists multiple drivers (about 6 in total). Most of these are Microsoft drivers so I wonder if this is somehow helping the OS to accept the Explorer2.
 That's what I figured. I have just tried to install it on a brand new Dell laptop and can't get it to take. The install goes fine and then I get told that one of the drivers is unsigned / unverified. If I look at the details it's the driver named meridianusbaudioks_x64.sys that says it has an unknown provider. The exact same installation works fine on my Acer / Win 10 laptop, but I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times on the Dell (including manually removing the...
Hi all, did a quick search here with no luck. Has anyone else had troubles with Windows 10 saying that The Meridian driver is unverified (code 52) and not recognising the device under the playback devices list?
How did the mulling go? I still highly recommend the Mainline, even after a couple of years!I had the LCD 2.2 and S.E.X. but never Lyr... Sorry
Love the look of the Anniversary version - beautiful!
I have turned over every bit of gear I've owned since before and after building the Mainline, but nothing I've heard justifies considering parting with the Mainline. This is partly due to the personal connection you make when you build your own amp, but also because it sounds so great, particularly for the price.
The early days in this thread were a bit bumpy too with a lot of users making strong negative statements about the Hawks. Thankfully it has settled into a much more balanced discussion now. Perhaps the same will happen at DIY. The Hawks really challenge the norms in the headphone industry. Skylar and co. have been very brave to go against the grain as they have and I know quite a few of us are very thankful, but it's been less agreeable to others.
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