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Ok. Thanks! So no further impressions anywhere on HUM Pervasion?
 Zero hiss unless the DIY is on high gain mode  What is the benefit of changing the bandwidth?
 Wow. Thanks for doing that! I tried lifting the shadows of one of the others (in Lightroom) and it didn't look so good so I didn't bother trying on this one - I'm so glad you did!! I love how the bottom corner of the IEM looks almost chromed due to the darkness and reflections
I received an Alien recently and really like it, but it has me questioning if I need a better DAP than the X5 for times I need a screen. Can anyone shed any light on the quality of DAPs like the HUM Pervasion and OLS QA360 compared to the X5? (I don't need hi-res on the go, just good quality 16/44.1)
No. I bought direct from Noble
 Agree on all counts. My only very minor issue is that ocassionally I have pressed forward or back when I was actually pressing the volume (especially if trying to pause), but it really is minor
 I haven't actually found the end points of it's range to know, but I think I'm probably around the same sort of mark as you (at a guess). If I start at 0 volume it takes about 30-40 individual presses of the + volume button to get to my level. (EDIT: That's with the Nobles which are around 30 ohms) This has me questioning now how small the steps are and how many of them make up the full range of the Alien's volume control
 It's pretty impressive - there's some good discussion over in the thread now that there are a few units out there
I was going to discard these originally because they didn't meet my intended purpose for them, but as I cropped them I found them kind of intriguing with the curve of the cable - let me know what you think (I won't take offense if you don't find them as interesting as I do)    
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