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 The Noble K10s are doing a fine job for me right now, but I can't help wonder if Skylar is going to cook up something that will completely change my perspective on in-ears in the same way that the Hawks have changed my perspective on headphones Actually, the K10s are tuned quite similarly to the Nighthawks in many ways, but they're still not quite as effortlessly smooth as the Hawks
 I was just about to post the same and I'm happy to provide paraphrase although I recommend reading the info on the Nighthawk site. In short, the distortion that most headphones exhibit, combined with deliberate tuning to create specific "sharpness" in the sound will create an artificial sense of clarity / detail in most headphones. This can seem engaging and exciting at first, but ultimately leads to fatigue over longer periods of listening. Skylar's approach to the...
You'll want an amp with relatively low output impedance so OTLs aren't a good idea, but a tube amp with output transformer and most solid state amps will sound great with NightHawks. There are a few solid state amps around with unusually high output importance (like the original phonitor), but it's unusual.
I haven't directly compared them, but reviewed both separately on my blog (Passion for Sound). The FLC8s provide personal tuning options that CustomArt IEMs don't, but I think you'd end up choosing the sound you like most and never changing it again.Dollar for dollar I would choose the Ei3 because it is custom fitted and brilliant. Higher up in the range gets a bit trickier so I would suggest deciding based on the importance of custom versus universal fit and your budget....
I'm still using mine and loving it. No desire to change anytime soon as there's nothing the X-Sabre can't do at a great level. The only thing I'd let go of the X-Sabre for would be to try a multi-bit Schiit DAC
I think it's a new problem, but I can't find anything that's changed. I can get the Aegis to work using DirectSound (ie via Windows system) , but normally going straight to the ASIA driver is better
I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been using the Aegis for a while now and love it. With my android I have nothing but amazing experiences with the Aegis' sound, but with my PC it is causing me massive problems.   I can't seem to stop the Aegis sounding distorted with PC audio. I am using Windows 10 and JRiver MC21. I have JRiver set to use the Cozoy ASIO driver, but I get lots of distortion when tracks get busy - orchestral music is unlistenable.   Has anyone come...
I'd echo the same thoughts as the last two statements of people's impressions. The Zeros are very well balanced. The treble isn't quite perfect, but for a $50-60 IEM they are ridiculous! I'm preferring them over the $1000 Campfire Lyra and have to go to the Noble K10 to find something better in my earphone collection. The bass is excellent - well balanced with other frequencies, but with plenty of body and impact, and the mids are creamy and seductive in all the right...
 So, have you managed to solve the problem now that you've found the issue? As Jamie said, head to the Bottlehead Forum for the best technical advice / problem solving. If you post your voltage checks over there the gurus will have you sorted out quick smart
Mine arrived today. Early impressions pre-burn-in are that they are really nicely tuned - the K10 reference is a good one in terms of the Zero's signature, not necessarily performance level. Leaving mine running for a while before I comment further as dynamic drivers definitely benefit from burn-in in my experience (unlike BAs)
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