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 Both up and down? Brooko's previous suggestion will fix it if it's an upper limit only (i.e. down buttons still work), but if neither direction worked, you might need to try a reset and if that doesn't work then try a re-flashing of the firmware. Fingers crossed for you!!
 Yeah. I don't think there's confirmation if this will change in future, but the externally generated playlists are only visible via the folder browser and my take a little while to load depending on the size
Speaking of volume, does the fact that the volume numbers turn red when >100 signal that it's somehow going over the recommended levels for headroom, etc.?
 Here's the content of a playlist that works on my X5 (generated via MediaMonkey on PC) #EXTM3U#EXTINF:235,Ólafur Arnalds - ...Og lengraMusic\Ólafur Arnalds\Dyad 1909\1 - 07 - ...Og lengra.m4a#EXTINF:416,Ólafur Arnalds - 1440Music\Ólafur Arnalds\Eulogy for Evolution\- 04 - 1440.mp3#EXTINF:193,Jaimi Faulkner - All I CanMusic\Jaimi Faulkner\Last Light\- 11 - All I Can.flac The only difference I notice is that the file path goes straight to the folder containing the music...
I can understand people describing the T1s as bright even though that's not how I would choose to describe them.   The treble peak can, on some systems and some recordings, suggest a degree of extra treble energy which we perceive as brightness, but extended time with the headphones on a variety of music and systems should hopefully show them to be slightly warm with a treble spike rather than bright.   FWIW I tried various damping measures to reduce the treble spike,...
 +1 for X5, especially at the price. Sure, there's still room for a little improvement if you try the X5's line-out with an external amp, but the X5 on it's own is a great performer (and more sonically accurate than my RWAK100 which costs about double)
 More to the point, I've already forked out for the OPA627 and I've run out of adapters for now so deciding if it's worth the effort to get new adapters, buy OPA827 and solder them or if I should just enjoy my current collection of: AD8599 OPA627 LME49990 LME49710 NJM5532 LM4562 OPA2134 OPA2107 AD8066 All the stock inclusions
 Using HD version of Thriller from HIStory album, connecting X5 via coax out to my DAC. Each time I play the file, the door creaks open at the beginning across both channels (i.e. basically centred) and then the footsteps move from right to left.
Thanks for all your amazing recommendations, ClieOS!   I have one final question regarding OPA627 vs OPA827. Other than a more neutral sound, does OPA827 offer any other significant benefits over the OPA627?
 Would you say 827 is at all like NJM5532?
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