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Hi all. I've been stalking only for a while due to personal commitments, but really enjoyed your Mainline vs DNA comparison, Paul. It's hard to explain, but I find it kind of comforting to know that the Mainline can be bested for more money while at the same time performing very well against such stiff competition. Jamie, with no pressure on you I'm keen to see what you come up with for the aesthetics of your Mainline. Or will you honour Doc B with a stock build? ;-)
No. I was planning to buy an iDSD, but spent my spare cash on my wedding and some camera gear. The general consensus is that the iCAN is a better amp than the iDSD, but the iDSD is miles ahead of the iDAC both as a DAC and in terms of the onboard amp.
 I'm always happy at Noisy Motel, but also happy to help clear some space at the other location if it proves better for us or if Billy's unavailable
 Sure thing  I don't have HD650, Gill and can only promise the S.E.X. and Mainline because I don't know where the DAC is up to and I haven't had the funds to order one so would be calling in a huge (and potentially unreasonable) favour from Doc B.
LOL. Back in the game, hey Jensy? Do people want me to bring the Bottlehead amps again or have we all heard them now? I can add iFi iCAN and iDAC (both micros) if anyone's interested. Also have Schiit Vali.
They've been building a DAC for some time now. It's a non-kit product. I may have zero chance to get one, but we'll see.
Yes I'm in!   I can't promise anything, but I will hopefully get my hands on some Audioquest Nighthawk headphones for the meet and will do my very best to see if I can't get a Bottlehead DAC (but these will be like hens teeth for a little while because they're still not yet released)
LOL. Watch out! Aliens will be listed in prohibited goods soon... checked luggage only ;-)
 Yeah, the On1s are just on the edge of what the Alien can drive. They sound very good still, but not quite at the peak of what the On1s can deliver. I personally don't mind the Momentum On Ears with the Alien, but I also wouldn't say they're an end-game option. I have a set of AAW A3H universal IEMs here at the moment and they're pretty impressive - like a FIDUE A83 with a little more balance across the whole frequency range so slightly less emphasis on the treble, but...
PS that's not to say someone else can't organise it if they'd like to. I'm very happy to do it, but others are welcome to.
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