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I think you may summed up exactly what the Nighthawks are about. Assuming you are referring to a quality 2 speaker setup as the living room setup (not a cheap boom box) then that's mission accomplished for the Hawks. The analytical sound is the headphone sound we're all used to while the Hawks were intended to offer a different approach. :-)
Agree. It's a fantastic cable, both ergonomically and in terms of SQ
Some of the posts on hear about the DF Red and NightHawk combo got me interested. I bought the DFR recently for portable use, but thought I'd match it up against my desktop setup to see how well it performs with the NightHawks.   My benchmark desktop setup is the Matrix X-Sabre fed by an AudioQuest Diamond USB (on loan), connected to a Bottlehead Mainline amp with upgraded output caps. The Mainline is a neutral sounding tube amp - not creamy or lush like some tubes can...
Good to hear that the Hawks offer improvements running balanced, but this may be due to the amp design. With my Mainline, the difference was minimal when switching between balanced / single-ended for the Hawks and HD800s, but the difference was significant with beyer T1
I've just tried UAPP for the first time and am impressed with the sound, but I'm curious to understand. Do modern Android devices (e.g. Nexus 6p) need UAPP or will other players like Onkyo / PlayerPro work just as well (i.e. sound just as good)? I use Dragonfly Red and Cozoy Aegis DACs.
Andromedas have arrived. Review coming in the next week or so...
Just balanced headphones. Balanced inputs require input transformers and can overcomplicate the signal path (not to mention the space required).The RCA pass-throughs are just located in the speaker tap holes. They're completely passive, no attenuation - just hard wired together so the signal arrives at the amp and gets split - 2 outputs and the signal to the amp itself.
Sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.
 You might be right as I think the sound might have been a touch better before the bypass. Either way, the Auricaps are still superior in the Mainline compared to the PIOs with or without the bypass. Thanks for the note though - very interesting
 That certainly confirms what I heard with the Savants and why I didn't disagree with your initial thoughts regarding the bass / sub-bass. I admired the sound of the Savants from a technical perspective, but couldn't warm to them based on my personal tastes. One thing I've never fully understood is when / how the raw data from some measurements is then adjusted / compensated for. This can lead to significant confusion if different people are compensating the raw data...
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