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 That certainly confirms what I heard with the Savants and why I didn't disagree with your initial thoughts regarding the bass / sub-bass. I admired the sound of the Savants from a technical perspective, but couldn't warm to them based on my personal tastes. One thing I've never fully understood is when / how the raw data from some measurements is then adjusted / compensated for. This can lead to significant confusion if different people are compensating the raw data...
Exactly. There are reviewers who I consistently rely on because their body of work tells me that I either agree or disagree with their preferences. Both are valuable.
Great article, Paul. I feel similarly to you and Chris about the way our preferences change overtime as we experience new products and learn more about the industry and science of audio. To offer a point of opinion (i.e. a thought, not a truth), I decided a while back to err away from measurements and objectivity and to focus on the subjective experience of listening for two reasons. Firstly I didn't own or have the desire to invest in testing gear like you and other...
I got around today to rewiring the Mainline using the 0.1uF FT-3 teflon caps that were in the power regulator board as bypass caps for the Russian PIOs I installed recently (I re-fitted the standard Dayton caps on the power regulator board).   I'm not sure I'm really hearing any improvements from the bypass and by now all the caps in use are well burned in. On top of that I think the resolution and clarity of the Auricaps are preferable to the slightly thick sound of the...
I contemplated changing op amps, but decided not to mess with a very good thing. If be interested to hear your thoughts if you do though
I enjoyed them from the start, but have to agree that understanding the philosophies behind them certainly increased my enjoyment. Some might call it brainwashing, but I like to think it just opened my mind from previous expectations built on what the rest of the industry does (which is still fine, just not my preference)
OK, great. I'll give it a go. Cheers!
 I can't find any 1uF teflons on eBay, only 0.1uF which is 1% rather than the 10% capacitance that is the rule of thumb (as I understand). What value caps did you use, Jamie?  It's OK to play around and see what sounds best - just make sure you switch the amp off before changing any settings. The BAL/UNBAL switch should ideally be in BAL (balanced) for speaker operation and in UNBAL for headphone operation (unless your headphones are connected to the speaker taps with an...
@JamieMcC, I just realised I have a pair of 1.5uF Mundorf SGOs in me SEX that is currently unused. From your experience with the PIOs do you think bypassing them with this Mundorfs would be a worthwhile exercise or too similar?
 Sorry for double post. I just wanted to record somewhere right away that my expectations are (probably incorrectly) biased towards the Auricaps. For some reason their combination of neater packaging, actual branding and new technology has me assuming the PIOs will come in a distant second. Looking forward to seeing if I'm wrong. For now, I've switched to the Sovtek tubes to waste some hours burning in playing games and leaving the amp running with music when I'm not using it
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