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Oh, don't tell me that!!! :-) Have you heard a Pervasion yet?
I wonder how many Aliens are actually out there... @NLNH do you know someone at Shozy who could give us a rough figure?
The Fidelio / Rain package has landed with me. More to come soon...
Please leave this thread now... ;-)
 I have a pair of EH 6C45pi and they might be slightly smoother sounding than the supplied tubes, but it's so close as to be insignificant in the scheme of things. Certainly nothing like the range of variations possible with Crack tube-rolling
And that would be a crying shame - those samples are beautiful!!   Reminds me a little of the magic you created with these...    
   They only let me out for select occasions when the moon is right and Mercury is in retrograde...
Looks snug! How have they altered the sound (realising it might be early days still)?
Nice pic @Kojaku
I'd recommend trying the B&O gear before judging it. For the price, their earphones and headphones are generally extremely well made and sound good.
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