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Give it a go before considering impedance adapters and the like, but OTL amplifiers like the LDiii aren't generally ideal for low impedance cans and will make the cans sound loose and flabby. Sadly, impedance adapters will only make it worse because they actually raise the impedance of the output, not the impedance of the headphone.I couldn't find any info confirming the exact output impedance of the LDiii so it might somehow be lower than I'm expecting, but as an OTL amp...
Not sure, but my XLR outs don't seem that hot when compared to the RCA output level...
You'll love it. Congratulations!
I have exactly the same issue and discovered that it's actually the use of the external amp that's the problem. My assumption is that the Aegis doesn't deal will with the very high impedance of an external amp. Try the computer and Aegis without the amp - you'll hopefully experience the same brilliant sound as from your phone.
In my brief experiences, yes, but it's not a dramatic shift depending on your ESS DAC. The Gumby has provided noticeable improvements over my X-Sabre, but it's not night and day.What is your current DAC?
I've been playing with an SPDIF solution since getting the Gumby and it makes a nice difference on both the X-Sabre and Gumby.Interestingly, while the Gumby is a little better than the X-Sabre, it's not as big a leap as I expected from the hype. The X-Sabre is still awesome.
Exciting! Don't stress over the build. The Mainline is so beautifully laid out that I think it's actually easier to build than the SEX and maybe even the Crack w Speedball.
The Gumby is slowly, but surely winning me over... I've left it on for a few days straight and while I honestly couldn't tell you if it sounds different, I'm definitely enjoying it. I tried a comparison with the X-Sabre and while the X-Sabre is still an outstanding DAC, the extra cash I spent on the Gumby has paid off. My setup seems a bit warm and rolled-off to me now, but I think it's a lack of familiarity with the multibit smoothness compared to the more digital and...
Perfect. Thank you!
 Thanks Michael, Is this the setup you mean (from your blog)? I used this process, but with Raspbian (standard, not lite). The ArchLinux was too basic for my limited knowledge (i.e. I needed a GUI), but this setup looks very lightweight and would probably suit my needs better. Can you confirm if this is what you meant?
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