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Late April is great. 25th would be great or 18th is ok.
3M also make reusable adhesive pads that look like double sided tape. They're thinner than the Dual Lock tape
I spoke to him last week. He's all good
I agree. Even the E12DIY isn't an improvement
Hi all,   Life is starting to return to normal for me now and I have some time to put towards arranging (or helping to arrange) a meet, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes - has anyone begun arranging a location or anything yet?   There are a couple of options on the table it seems so I'm happy to pick this up and run with it - just let me know if you're already on it.
How do you get the lighting so focussed with such a dark background behind the subject?
The Alien seems to distort at high volumes regardless of the load, but there's really no need to turn it to full. On some devices, turning to full essentially creates a line out, but my understanding of the Alien is that it doesn't work that way. I've found the best bet is setting the amp volume to roughly where you want it and then adjust the Alien up to the desired SPL. You can then make fine adjustments with amp or Alien.
You're in for a treat!
LOL. I've been offline for a while and returned to this... Hilarious!
Yeah, that could be an issue. There are smaller amps available, but you'll struggle to maintain the sound quality with the smaller ones (except the tiny Ray Samuels amp, but I can't recall the name). The volume level you're using is quite high. Are you competing with noisy equipment? I'm wondering if better isolation could be a better solution for you.
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