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Hi folks, the N6 is with me now (insert evil laugh)   I have a little surprise coming for you all, too...   More to come soon so watch this space.
Nice to hear, the Mundorf EVOs are good too. I might be building a Mainline for a fellow Aussie soon (it's taken a year or so of persuasion, but I think I finally got him across the line ) so I'll keep them in mind for him - thanks, Skeptic.   Great advice above about building the Crack in stock form, but with standoffs. I didn't do that on my first build, but definitely did the second time around - makes it SO much easier.
Great. You had me worried for a moment - I thought I might have goofed in my review :-)
Definitely get it. It can be fun to try the kit without it first, but buy it now to get the discount because you'll definitely want to install it later if not straight away.
Oh, that's good to know so I can knock them off my "one day" list :-)
Noisy Motel has stock, but I'm not sure how they compare on pricing. Billy's a great guy though so it's worth buying from him (Noisy Motel).
I've been thinking more about this and wanted to clarify my perspective... The term 'neutral' is a tough one to quantify. Neutral by measurement could equate to a dead-flat freq response, but neutral to our ears could be how acoustic instruments sound in a good acoustic environment. Which one is truly neutral? To my ears, the Ei.3 falls closer to the latter category. It sounds 'live' because live acoustics (without alterations to frequency response from amplification)...
K10s are definitely not neutral. They have a noticeable warmth and boosted bass (all in a good way). The K10s are a little less lush and bassy than Shure SE846. I think of K10s and Ei.3 as closer to a live sound than a clinical studio monitoring sound. They're both full, rich and engaging without overly colouring the sound. PS did I say the Ei.3 were neutral in the review or did the K10 comparison create that assumption?
Thanks for the invite!! Can't wait too see how they compare to their big brother K10s!
Updated with this:  I'm glad you're happy with the rest of the review - they are excellent IEMs!!
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