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Yeah. Battery life is short. Can you not plug it in to a computer or charger to top it up within the 6 hour (approx) period?
 LOL. Right you are about the clones point! I couldn't see your sig because I was on mobile yesterday, but I see now that many of your phones have more treble energy than those I am using (recognising that some also have solid bass, but are v-shaped so not warm like some of mine) - that makes sense.
The N6 is now with @gikigill and the HUM Pervasion remains king DAP in my world... for now...
 It's interesting how we all enjoy different things - that's why there are so many popular products, I guess. I completely agree with you about the build quality. I didn't touch on it, but I think you've summed it up well in relation to how well put together the X5ii is. Back to the sound, this might also be a function of our headphone / earphone choice as most of mine are a bit warm to begin with (except the HD800s) so the warmth and thickness of the X5ii combined with...
Hi all,   For anyone interested in listening to and reviewing the excellent Brainwavz BLU-100 bluetooth IEMs, please drop me a line and let me know. The requirements for involvement are:   You must be prepared to write detailed impressions in the impressions thread for the product (I will set this up if it doesn't already exist) - alternatively, you can write a product review You must have a history on Head-Fi, including reasonable time as a member or post count....
Oh, sorry, my error. Thanks for the correction.
Looks great!! Your bell cover colour is almost the same as mine. :-)
The MUSES01 isn't all it's cracked up to be IMO. It's all personal opinion of course, but I would keep the DIY and see if you can buy / borrow a Muses chip before letting go of the amazing flexibility offered by the DIY.
LOL. You'll be in good company, mate ;-)
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