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Hi, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD800s that I unfortunately have to get rid of due to not being able to financially support them (Don't have the money for another amp), therefore, I must sell them or trade for them. If you would like to trade, please pm me with what you have to offer. If you would like to buy them, then just pm me. I have only used them for a mere 5 minutes before finding out that my old headphone amplifier was having problems driving them. No...
I have the IE8s and I think the Coppers sounded a bit more transparent. I noticed that! My Klipsch Image S4s sound better than the Coppers in some ways. That kinda made me REALLY scared. I sent the defective pair back, so I'm going to have to see what you guys are talking about when I can listen to a working pair. OneCall will refund if I don't like em so I still have the option of returning them after I get this pair. Can anyone second the MDs? I just couldn't get a...
Miles Davis Tributes? I heard they were actually inferior to the Coppers when it came to neutrality and highs. I heard amping did a really good job with the MTPCs, but someone in another thread said that it was not necessary when they listened to them. As for custom tips, yeah, my wallet loses a few pounds, but my ears would appreciate the sound   I got the Coppers for 210 from OneCall brand new if anyone wanted to know by the way.
Well, I decided to ship these back for a replacement. I'm not giving up on the MTPCs as I've read to many stellar reviews to know that they are not problematic. As for the Klipsch's, I will have to use them at the moment. The only problem I found for these is that getting used to another sound signature is a pain.
Yeah, so you hear the bass on the left speaker, right? Just imagine a rich and somewhat warm sound. On the right speaker, the bass seems a bit recessed, but the treble appears to be slightly more forward. When I use them, it's pretty good and I don't notice too much. My ear canals are definitely different sizes and I really would like to get custom tips eventually to take care of this problem. The Sony Hybrid green work very well. However, like I said, I think nasal...
Yeah, nothing worked so I got Sony hybrid tips. The left speaker has good bass, but the right seems a bit lacking. If I reverse them, I now get better bass in my right ear. One thing that might be wrong though is that I have a cold now, so nothing really sounds right. If this thread is still going in a few days, I'll post back with how they sound when my ears aren't plugged.
Yeah, I just got my MTPCs and I love them but the bass is unbalanced. I'm going to have to send them back for a replacement.
I'm not too sure as I haven't really been measuring, but I've basically listened for an hour almost every day for 8 months I believe. I only noticed the drastic change in August so maybe at about 200-250 hours they become alive? Yes, I am talking about the S4. The hard part about these is that you think you're listening to mediocre sound, but you just gotta stick with them and that work will eventually pay off. I'm having trouble leaving them for my MTPCs as the Coppers...
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