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 comment removed because of a decision change ;)
Price dropped to 525
Are you doing trades by any chance?
Bump for updated post.
Ride (Tïesto Remix) - Cary Brothers
pics added!
Hey guys, I'm selling a pair of Alessandro MS Pros that I recently acquired from a great head-fi member named flargosa. These are 9/10 condition and look great. They are in great condition and come with an assortment of earpads, an adapter, and an extension cable.PM your best offerPrice is going to be set to $450 USD! If the trade is interesting enough, I will do a flat trade. Also, if anyone here is willing to trade for some sort of source, like an iPod Touch, then feel...
I'm actually in a trade pending stage right now, but if it does not go through, I'll get back to you if you haven't sold or traded already. Thanks!
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