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 Cool! I ordered a pair two days ago since my RE0s broke and I already have the ck10s (which used to be my gym phones until they started to act weird), so I decided I wanted something fun for once. I hope they sound a bit less laid-back than the IE8s. I have those and they sound so thick, it physically (and I'm not kidding about this) makes me feel nauseous. I hate the IE8s with a passion, but I did enjoy the bass.
Ok, I don't know if I am misreading this, but take a look here:   Under the Eternas, there is a statement that reads the following:   "Back by popular demand, the original Fischer Audio Eterna will be in stock on the 18th of January!"   Am I reading this correctly? I ordered a pair for the gym, but I'm not sure which version I'll be getting.
Supposedly, it doesn't have as much bass as the se535. My definition of neutrality (notice that this is a personal definition) says that there is a strong, but clean bass presence in the IEM.
Ok, SM3 and UM3X is what I'm looking for most likely. Question though is which one is more neutral (but has the factors I originally posted)?
Lol, the triplefi pros WERE on my radar until I learned they are somewhat laid back and that's a deal breaker right there for me (I like things more upfront). I'll have to take a look into those SM3s soon!
Yeah, that's what I thought about the ck100s. I read many reviews on them. I am indeed going to look into the SM3s, but I just haven't had the time yet. Hopefully, I will right after I finish some work tonight.   So right now: -Westone UM3X -Earsonics SM3   Maybes: -Shure SE535 (perhaps, although reviews aren't doing to much goodness right now [at least for me])   and DO NOTS: CK100     Thanks for the help guys! More suggestions are welcome!
Sounds interesting, but I heard that there isn't too much bass impact. Is there enough?
Hi, I used to do a lot of mixing and recording until I ran out of ideas. I got back into it recently after I discovered how to properly use Ultrabeat in Logic Pro and I got a new idea in my head. Here's the deal though, I've been using Audio-Technica ATH M50s to record, but I soon realized I preferred earphones over headphones for this (and that the ATH-M50s aren't exactly too neutral on the low end).   What I would like is some neutral sounding earphones. I have...
I switched 'em out and found out that the original pair was indeed defective. Thanks for the help guys!
offer closed as the trade went through!
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