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I'm looking for headphones that have a good soundstage and decent bass for all sorts of electronic dance music; however, I'm not looking to use an amp, nor am I willing to spend more than 100 (MAYBE just a bit more) because I have a near perfect collection of IEMs at home and really don't need anything else.   Right now, I'm using my cousin's Sennheiser hd 238s and those blew me away in terms of soundstage and bass (believe it or not, this is coming from a guy who...
Yeah, unfortunately, I couldn't experience that. My ears literally don't work with any earphones that aren't angled and aren't somewhat small. I just got the Etymotic ER-4ps and they work perfectly. There were a few times when I got them in my ear just enough to hear that the sound was really good, but I couldn't keep them in long enough. I was so disappointed :(
Thanks! That's exactly what I've been doing. I was just worried about the touching of the eardrum. However, I did measure the tip with a ruler and it doesn't even come close.  
I modded, but the thing still didn't work. It was so bad, that I couldn't use it even with a replacement volume pot. It is currently sitting in a closet and I am ampless at the moment :(   Good luck and I hope you have better success than I did. :)
Thanks! Yeah, they don't hurt in my ears, I was just worried if you could put them in so deep, that you risk breaking your ear drum or something :D. I doubt it though.
Update: So I got the Etys just a few minutes ago. One word: OUTSTANDING. The isolation is beyond incredible and they go in so deep, I get scared, and I NEVER get scared with having earphones in deep. The bass impact surprisingly is better than my CK10s, which I wasn't expecting. Maybe it's because of the better fit? Here's the thing, angled earphones are the only things that work for me. My right ear canal is strange and no straight facing earphone would work with it,...
Ouch! I've done that before and it really gets you down when you have to put them away because you can't do anything unless if you don't care about your ears :(     the isolation for my UM3Xs is indeed very satisfying, but I'm still scared to bring them outside my mini-studio. Although I did hear they are really durable, so maybe I should just trust myself more. I use the Fischer Audio Eternas for the gym right now, but it's hard to use them at home because the...
That's pretty impressive, ClieOS. Thanks for the feedback! I've also been wondering about some of the other Etys which claim the same isolation level, but somehow, they looked bigger to me. Whatever, the ER-4Ps are on their way by now anyways :)
My ears don't work with anything large, but luckily, these are pretty narrow and small IEMs work like a charm for me! I'm eager to get them now since maybe I can finally get great isolation and great sound in one package ;)
Ok, so I ordered a pair off of Amazon because I saw the rave reviews for the isolation. I've been using many different types of earphones like the CK10s and the Westone UM3x. However, these don't isolate enough for the airplane, so I have to use the Bose QuietComfort 15s for the airplane: great noise-canceling, but horrid sound quality. Well, I heard the Etys can isolate even further without making one feel claustrophobic due to the noise-canceling technology as opposed...
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