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It's odd. The triple flange on the MTPCs hurt my ears like crazy and couldn't fit at all. I bought the Ety ER4Ps and those triple flanges fit perfectly. I really think that it was the earphone design and not the tips (although the super tips were bad and they couldn't fit even if they were made for the smallest earphones). The Sony Hybrids were really good, but only on my RE-0s (which died just recently :( ). Otherwise, they were only mediocre on the MTPCs
Well, good thing I started this thread. That's a lot of good music I'm hearing! Yeah, some of the new-school stuff really isn't too great. Although once in a while, DI radio goes on a streak where I can download 3 or 4 songs in a row. I have yet to find another genre that can replicate this (at least for my library) ;) 
Yeah, I found some threads with EDM, but they never focused on Psy and Goa. Unfortunately, those threads were made 8 or 9 years ago and even they only mention some slightly downtempo Psytrance.
In the United States lies the age of Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Let's go a bit underground shall we? Now we have approached the genre of house, which is not really far underground is it? Let's dig a bit deeper where we find trance: the home of Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and all the other Xtreme lovers of massive, bloated, and disgusting saw synths. Nothing to see here, so let's go a bit deeper. We'll skip the classic trance masterpieces, techno, breaks (away from...
I decided with the Sennheiser HD 485. I may not get as good of a soundstage as the AD700, but I've heard it is pretty good. Bass = Check, Soundstage = Check, Open headphones = Check, Under 100 = Check!   One day, I'll upgrade way up there, but this is good enough for now.
bump! Changed title and purpose. I want open headphones
I see that the Beyerdynamic dt440s could be an option. Does anyone know if it has good bass and soundstage? I heard the bass is punchy, but I did not find much on the soundstage except for two reviews, which contradicted each other.
Remember, large soundstage, great bass. If there are highs, that's nice, but I'm really just looking for something that would 1-UP the Sennheiser HD 238s. My budget calls for under 100. My main purpose is to try to replicate somewhat of a club atmosphere, which the HD 238s do well.   The xb700s have really contradicting reviews, which makes this a bit more difficult for me.    Anyways, thanks for the help so far!
I heard the same from many sources, but I also read some reviews saying that the xb700s were a great improvement over the xb500s.
Unfortunately, I don't really live near a place where I can try out headphones. Our Guitar Center has good headphones for sale, but there were no demo phones to try the last time I went. If I could, I probably wouldn't have asked this question here. The good news is that I really have not made a bad purchase in terms of headphones without trying them out. The bad news is that I can't rely on certain reviews because many of them just contradict each other. If I had the...
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