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Unfortunately, the sibilance really doesn't change too much. I did a natural burn-in process with the ones I used to have (just listening to music) and after 200+ hours, I still had a lot of sibilance (well, maybe not a lot, but something you definitely notice without having to focus on the sound). It's something you have to get used to or just not use them at all. Personally, I didn't really have an issue with sibilance, but in certain songs, it did get just a little...
Virtual Intelligence - Intelligence Psychedelic trance at its best
Alienated - Fluff Factory  
Wow, I find that hard copies of music, especially vinyls, feel more satisfying than digital copies of songs. I didn't think that vinyl sleeves could look so trippy ;)
Well, he does mix eastern sounds with western beats or even the other way around. He might be psybreaks sometimes, so you are partially correct. His style is just so "everywhere" (in a good way), it's hard to tell.    
Well, I'm glad I didn't go with them. Knowing me, I'll be in the market for an upgrade sometime soon ;)
  I listen for any SoundCloud DJs and then go find the artists from the set that they play. Sometimes, the music I find is so obscure, that it's not listed anywhere and I find it on some Russian forum on the 20th page of Google. This stuff sounds pretty good. I like to analyze the music and sometimes, it's literally a switch of melody and beat every 10 seconds, but it's a clean switch. Keeps ya going! :)     Great!   I know, MTV is usually associated with the most...
I'm so new to Goa and Psytrance, I still can't exactly perceive what would be considered bad. I live in LA and I came to this genre after I broke away from Anthem Trance which I listened to after breaking away from Eurodance. All Psytrance is underground here, so it's almost like finding a massive amount of gold where nobody else has ever been. I guess I can distinguish some of the stuff that isn't too good to some extent. :)   I'm not sure how popular Psytrance is, but...
Agreed. You couldn't have said it any better.
Just listened to Impala. It's really good! I love when they add a bit of melody in there, although I really don't mind when the song is mostly random sounds because that's what makes it interesting.
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