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There's more than I thought. I've never heard of Night Time. I'm definitely familiar with cheese though :D
If I were to just get an aftermarket cable for 100 bucks or something, would it hold up in outdoor conditions? I saw a few cables for about 100 bucks that were for the Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs, but they are definitely not stock looking.   One example would be...
I've looked everywhere for a 1m cable for the Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs. Basically, I want to use them as portable headphones, but 1.5m is a bit too long. I saw another thread similar to the one I've just made, but the cable they mentioned (ZY cable) does not seem to exist anymore. Would anyone happen to know where I can get a 1m cable? Preferably, I would like it to be <60 US dollars or as cheap as possible (not looking for a sound boost, just a shorter cable). I'm not...
It's a hit or miss usually. There is some creepy stuff out there, but then there is also some more uplifting and engaging psytrance. The best part about the genre is that it doesn't really have limits and can be the opposite of formulaic at times.
Sweet! Thanks for adding some more good stuff for us to listen to :)
Thanks for the information. I'll check it out.
Hi, I'm selling a pair of Sennheiser HD 485s on eBay. It's 55 bucks plus 10 dollars shipping. The rest of the details are here.   If you are interested, the link above will take you to the eBay page.   Any questions? Just hit that message button above :)   Thanks, caliskimmer
Over the summer, I was using my ck10s and all of a sudden, the left speaker sounded much quieter than the right one. I had used them for the gym until I noticed a slight crackling noise, and quickly switched to Fischer Audio Eternas because I was afraid that the ck10s would stop working. Things went smoothly until a few months later, when the above problem arose.    Now, you may be asking if I did everything to check that it wasn't just me. I will say yes. I checked...
Very interesting site! The stuff on there is pretty cool.
Reviving a thread here! Does anyone listen to Suomisaundi? I really like the idea that it's freestyle and there are many different flavors of it, but some of it can just get a little too silly or weird.
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