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I am looking for any cable DIY-er in Toronto area that can fix my null audio enyo cable. The cable is broken apart from the right connector so all i need is someone that can put them back together, i cannot dare to fix it myself since i have no experience .   Also the warranty period for it just ended and 2 months wait period is too long for me. I am willing to pay for your time and labor as long as the cable is fixed and functional. Please send me a message.  
Just bought a used Pro 900 for $250 including shipping. Now i can't wait to hear them 
*Price reduced*
I am selling a completely mint Little Dot MKVII balanced headphones amplifier. I bought this unit from another headfier but don't have the time to use it anymore and in need of some fund right now. The price is $320 OBO. As the unit is pretty bulky and heavy, i prefer local pick up over shipping. Please PM if you're interested. Here's the original listing, noted that the seller confused the MKVII with...
I am selling a brand new, unopenned white Iphone 4S 32gb. This Iphone is international version so it works with any major carriers. Price is 950 firm (+ shipping and paypal fee), prefer local pick up, Please contact me if you're interested. Here's a photo, the line you see is the shrink wrap on the casing.   Thank you for reading  
I used to power the K702 through my Zero DAC's headphones out and it did a decent job.  You can get it used for around 100, i even see it goes as low as 80 sometimes. You can use it as headphones amp for now and later as a stand alone DAC, mine still does a great job after almost 2 years  
What a pity, if you ever change your mind about over boarder shipping, please let me know. I actually don't mind waiting for a few days late 
My current wallpaper. She has nice cans               
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