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Dubai crew checking-in   SM3 V1 and the V-moda M80 !   Letting go off the SM3 V1 and putting it up for sale. If anyone's interested, send me a message. The sound on these babies is just too beautiful to describe.
As the title states, please help. I need to know if I should just plug in the thing or buy a step-down converter..
apparently there's something wrong with embedding videos. Anyways here's the link!:
Which would you recommend for tracks such as this. I'd like the bass to be as deep as the bottom of the ocean during my workout haha..  
Which one for tracks such as this (listen in 1080p) :  
I want earphones which will never fall off your ears no matter whatever you do, but at the same time provide amazing sound quality and punchy bass trance/techno sound tracks. The Sony MDR-AS20J are the ones I currently use for workout and they will never fall off your ears. Even if you were on a roller coaster, running neck-to-neck with Usain bolt (Fastest 100m sprinter), in a space shuttle during launch. The problem is that they lack bass severely :(.     I...
My question is, would tracks such as the one I'm linking to sound amazing on the SR80i's (colorful,punchy,bassy as the track's impression was intended) ?   Listen in 720p = )   If you're lazy :p, I just want to know how good it represents the music starting from 2:13 into the video
Any difference between the M-80 and the V-80 ???? The V-80's are cheaper. Why ?
Oh my goodness. How did I miss this deal ???? Can someone tell me, please ? =/
Email ?
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