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Hey guys, I have the Dunu-DN1000 and it came with a square container to put the headphones in. What I am wondering is, how do I wrap the cable up in a circle so it fits the container perfectly 
How about the IE80s? Been reading they are pretty well rounded and good for EDM as well
still for sale?
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I have had my Soundmagic E-10s for about 2-3 years now and they treated me very well until recently the right driver just died on me for no apparent reason. So I am in the market for some new IEMS, this time, with a higher budget.  My maximum would be $250.   I mainly listen to electronic/dance music and I would like there to be good bass/punch to them, but not crazy/overboard bass.   I like them to be over the ear...
Ok, let me fix that. cel4145, if I purchase the Dayton SUB1000, how would I route my connections?>
I can't plug in the RCA from subwoofer to TRS into monitor output 2 and adjust the low pass filter or get a sub that has line level input AND output with high pass filter built in?
This is the inputs/outputs of my Mbox 3 Right now my BX8As are connected to Monitor Output 1 via a dual XLR to 1/4' TRS Y cable. 
Hey guys, I am looking for a subwoofer for my studio monitors but I just can't afford to spend $300+ on studio subwoofers. I was wondering if I can use a powered subwoofer? I have M-Audio BX8As connected to an Mbox 3 currently. 
Selling the Beyerdynamic DT 990, these are the old versions. $100 shipped   Located in BAY AREA, CA   PAYPAL(NON-CC) ONLY   I ship USPS+Tracking  
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