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How about the IE80s? Been reading they are pretty well rounded and good for EDM as well
still for sale?
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I have had my Soundmagic E-10s for about 2-3 years now and they treated me very well until recently the right driver just died on me for no apparent reason. So I am in the market for some new IEMS, this time, with a higher budget.  My maximum would be $250.   I mainly listen to electronic/dance music and I would like there to be good bass/punch to them, but not crazy/overboard bass.   I like them to be over the ear...
Ok, let me fix that. cel4145, if I purchase the Dayton SUB1000, how would I route my connections?>
I can't plug in the RCA from subwoofer to TRS into monitor output 2 and adjust the low pass filter or get a sub that has line level input AND output with high pass filter built in?
This is the inputs/outputs of my Mbox 3 Right now my BX8As are connected to Monitor Output 1 via a dual XLR to 1/4' TRS Y cable. 
Hey guys, I am looking for a subwoofer for my studio monitors but I just can't afford to spend $300+ on studio subwoofers. I was wondering if I can use a powered subwoofer? I have M-Audio BX8As connected to an Mbox 3 currently. 
Selling the Beyerdynamic DT 990, these are the old versions. $100 shipped   Located in BAY AREA, CA   PAYPAL(NON-CC) ONLY   I ship USPS+Tracking  
someboooty buy these
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